A piece to wear and a piece for your living room. Loewe Weaves is a sculptural selection of objet d’arts that’ll look as good with your summer separates as it will on tabletops.

It’s no secret; Loewe’s Jonathan Anderson loves a good craft. It’s the singular connecting thread that runs through each of his creations at the Spanish brand, tempered by the creativity of other artisans around the world. In the latest collaboration, Loewe joins esteemed auction house, Sotheby’s, for a collection christened ‘Loewe Weaves’, centred naturally, around the intricate, time-honoured technique of weaving. 


This new collection spotlights the Galicia chestnut roasters; a terracotta clay pot punctured with minuscule holes allover. When used as its design intention, possibly on a cold winter’s night on an open fire, the perforation is a helpful feature in regulating heat; but at Loewe, where craftwork is key, the holey façade takes precedent as a blank canvas for Loewe’s running candidate to showcase their own take on weaving techniques. Knotted ropes. Braided silk ribbons. Entwined feather plumes. Seven different works are featured from three spotlighted artists — Arko from Japan, Min Chen from China and Laia Arqueros from Spain — will be on exhibit at Sotheby’s, and sold at a fixed price online. 

Additionally, 84 roasters were passed to Spanish artisans Idoia Cuesta and Belen Martinez, along with artisans from Loewe’s own ateliers, for playful experimentation. The result: A creative explosion of colours, design and techniques woven through the uneven, once nondescript, surfaces and gained a new life as a sculptural piece of artwork.

Back in the Loewe atelier, the reworked roasters have been replicated by the brand’s iconic Balloon bag. A fitting selection, considering the calf-leather accessory’s same bulbous shape. Like the beautifully embellished pots, the bags don vibrant florals and bright leather strips that have been cut, spun and strung together from surplus leathers saved from previous collections. 

“The act of weaving can take many different meaning and forms; it can be used as decoration or as a way to build a new structure. We went both ways, with the aim of pushing craft to the extreme and exploring new ways to bring objects to life, turning traditional techniques into something unexpected.” Anderson explained when describing the new creations. “Playfulness is the key: a desire to engage in a creative and experimental dialogue with materiality and shape. Our new project also reunites a series of decorative objects created by artisans and a line of bags and leather accessories.” 

In other worthy news: The iconic summer-fitting straw tote also receives an adorable edit — it being essentially an accessory hand-woven with natural raffia. The trapezoid shape is fitted with a portrait of an elephant at the side; a continuation of the brand’s animal-themed accessories and a darling reminder of Loewe’s affinity for anything that constitutes as pure, unadulterated fun.

The Loewe Weaves collection will be available online and in-stores at various locations starting from 27 May.

Lorria Sahmet
Style Editor
After two years of covering luxury retail, Lorria is thrilled to be writing in fashion, food and lifestyle here at Lifestyle Asia. When not roaming around garden centres hauling back new plants for her indoor jungle, find her hunting down the best fries in the city. She's happiest by the ocean with a fishbowl glass of ice-cold Aperol spritz.