Louis Vuitton has announced the launch of a face shield, offering an extra option for fashion fanatics who wish to take CoViD-19 protection to another level.

That’s right, the maison is now cashing in on the collective need for personal protective equipment (PPE) by producing its own. The Louis Vuitton face shield, dubbed LV Shield, is meant to be a luxe take on the headgear. It features an elastic headband and a plastic shield, both lined with the French brand’s signature monogram.

Priced at HK$7,500, the shield can also be adjusted to be worn as a visor, featuring a transition lens technology that turns the plastic clear or dark, depending on the sunlight. (It’ll come in handy for beach days when they open again.) The whole thing is held together by golden studs engraved with the Louis Vuitton logo.

The photochromatic, Monogram-trimmed LV Shield also doubles as a visor, and will transition from clear to dark at the first sign of direct sunlight.

It may sound ridiculous, but the Louis Vuitton face shield isn’t the only designer PPE on the market; both Burberry and Salvatore Ferragamo have released (and sold out) their own versions of the face mask. But this is the first time a luxury fashion brand is taking on the face shield — an essential item that is still scarce for healthcare workers around the world — and with a steep price tag attached to it.

The question is: Who will buy it? Perhaps the people who have trouble keeping their face masks over their noses, or those who have the means to spend frivolously while the global economy continues to spiral. Or even those who can somehow go on vacation right now, and for whom Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2021 collection — which the face shield is a part of — is no doubt made for.

If you fit any of those criteria, good news: The LV Shield will be available on 30 October at Louis Vuitton boutiques around the world.

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