There are no rules. Just you, your phone, and your Miu Miu.

With all this time spent on a restricted social calendar, many have found themselves (almost) coming out from the other end of the tunnel with new skills, new revelation, and perhaps, an unexpected rediscovery of forgotten wardrobe pieces.

Miu Miu has just launched an Instagram campaign, dubbed #MiuMe, calling fans and its diverse group of notable, international friends to participate. These stars across the realms of sport, art, dance and, of course, fashion have been invited to express themselves with a mini at-home photo/video shoot, using only their phones as they deck out in Miu Miu pieces — new or old — they find in their wardrobes.


Perhaps with the advent of homemade TikTok videos, and with the world’s fashion schedule — including all those highly stylised photoshoots in far-flung locations — all on hold, there’s no better time to strip away all the fluff of the idealised campaigns of the past. Miu Miu is aiming to take a stand to show what’s real: individuality and the particular sense of self, all in your own home environment.

Naturally, friends from the fashion world have so far been the first to respond, including fashion editor Harriet Verney, model Du Juan and, most recently, fellow Chinese model Fei Fei Sun. While the first two were seen captured in their own homes, Sun has decided to take us to her favourite vintage store in Shanghai. In her video, you can see her goofing around the store dressed in archival pieces from Miu Miu, along with new creations from the brand’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection.

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Like Verney and Du Juan, she’s gotten help from friends to help translate her element into engaging visuals: All three shoots were art directed by ‘super-stylist’ Katie Grand and shot by Call This Number via FaceTime (yes, it’s a thing right now). So, it’s time you also round up your creative friends to shoot yours, and don’t forget to tag @MiuMiu and #MiuMe so we can all see your results.

Cindie Chan
Style Editor
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