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Buy, Buy, Baby: 11 things to love from Net-a-Porter’s Singles’ Day sale

11/11, make a wish. With the magic of code “SINGLES22”, you’re, now, only paying 78% of retail price at Net-a-Porter for their soon-to-be-over Singles’ Day sale. Much less than you’d pay on 12 November.

Let’s play pretend. You’re Kiefer Sutherland in 24, and you only have, you guessed it, 24 hours left to shop Net-a-Porter’s Singles’ Day sale. Tick-tock, tick-tock. As of time of publishing, there are currently 131 pages to flick through, with 60 items shown per page. And with some quick grade-school arithmetic, 7,860 comes up as what might be the total number of items you will have to consider. That’s a lot of yes-no-maybe decisions! You have better things to do! I don’t.

So, I’ve done the difficult task of scrolling and clicking and scrolling and clicking for you, reader, and short-listed eleven things you might love, if you’re anything like me. And if you’re a friend, any of these will do for Christmas.

Shop Net-a-Porter’s Singles’ Day Sale Here

There’s a lot of change and hair-ties and mini tester tubes of lipstick that continue to get lost, never to be found again, in the compact square-footage of a ‘90s-inspired baguette handbag.

Not with this glossy version from BY FAR, though, with its flap pockets that promise to keep things tidy behind turn-lock and key. Or, at least, just a little tidier.


I’m not sure what it is about these Laura Lombardi earrings, but they make me hungry. They look a little like curvy Parmesan twists; a little like mutant croissants. There’s just something edible about them! (Check out The MMMs, by the way, if you’re still hungry.) But please don’t eat them. They’re made from twisted strips of gold-plated brass, and dangle so delicately into little hoops that careen just past the ear lobe. A classic! You’ll have these forever. Until you lose them, but that’s not the earrings’ fault.


You don’t have these black boots. You may think you do, but you don’t!

This Presley pair from Stuart Weitzman is a little taller than ankle bootsa little clunkier than your wintry faithfuls. The classic Chelsea elastic welt extends to mid-calf; its soles split, bisected into two. They’re all small details on their own, but all-together pivots into a fair familiar sight that strides just a touch on the side of the uncanny.


I’m very, very into these Suzie Kondi pants’ specific shade of blue. Royal blue, so it’s called by Net-a-Porter. It’s also kind of cobalt; kind of electric. This pair falls into a very familiar, very sporty track silhouette — straight legs that taper into ribbed cuffs; just like the many, many heathered-grey and black pairs you’ve collected like Pokémon throughout quarantine. But rather than cotton French terry, this pair is made entirely from cashmere, a luxurious upgrade. It feels rich. Feels like you should have a Peloton in your vicinity.


It’s a dreamy, cotton candy-tinted world over at Helle Mardahl Studio, where colours only ever extend towards gelato-pastels; where shapes curve and lines sway — nary a straight angle to be seen anywhere. 

Standing not quite upright, this ‘Bon Bon’ cocktail coupe — crafted in Copenhagen with time-honoured mouth-blowing techniques, so you know it’s legit — undulates; dances, really, into a curvaceous design that looks like something plucked out of Willy Wonka’s lopsided universe. If you don’t imbibe, consider drinking water out of this. Apple juice. Milk!

Or, just keep it on display. 


Great present alert. For housewarming; for Christmas; for a friend who loves Chanel. This set from Assouline is presented as a stunning triptych, with three 80-page hardcover editions that meander through the rich heritage, history and, of course, beautiful, beautiful fashion and jewellery and watches and No. 5 coffrets that came out of the Parisian Maison.

Fan it out on a coffee table — and try not to use it as a coaster. 


Why do one-shoulder necklines look so chic? There must be a scientific reason for itMaybe it’s the way the diagonal cut swoopthrough the décolletage. Maybe it’s the bared shoulder! Or, maybe it’s just the novelty of it; an inspired march beyond the fully sleeved silhouettes our eyes are so accustomed to.

Regardless, this one-shoulder top from Vince will be the smartest decision you can make for your wardrobe. It’s black. It’s twill. It gathers quite artfully at the shoulder, and drapes in way that can only be described as elegant. It’s hardworking! MVP!


I, myself, am a big fan of crinkled satin. I like the way it looks; the way it drapes; the way it embodies whatever “je ne sais quoi” means; the way it looks like it was, just five minutes ago, balled up and unearthed from behind a couch cushion but tugged on anyway because we have places to be, damn it.

These pants from Jason Wu Collection look like they should taste like Castelvetrano olives, in a crinkled-cut façade that belies exactly how sleek, how neat and how tailored they actually are. Suiting pants! For cool people. 


The word “sexy” isn’t something you’d typically attach to a “knit dress”. Perhaps adjectives like “warm”, or “cosy”, or, if the speaker is feeling particularly unkind, “granny”. Yikes.

This knit dress isn’t that, though. You wouldn’t expect that from a Christopher Esber design, anyways! Rather, it’s decadent, wool-cashmere piece that splits at the midriff, only just attached with floss-thin lengths of string that twist and coil at the waist. Very sexy, I’d say.


Long gone are the days we’d tuck our feet into death-trap stilettos for nights out on the LKF slope; sneakers are the way to go. Long gone, too, are the days of the archetypical, slinky, skin-tight LBD. This little black Coperni dress flares out into a very pretty trapeze shape, attached through the décolletage with a single, sloping strap. All straps point towards the nape of the neck, which makes it a perfect landing spot for a statement necklace.


If you’re shopping for New Year’s Eve, these Cult Gaia Effie sandals are just the kind of shoe you’d want to stride into a brand-new year wearing. They’re so special! There’s a deconstructed flower (Carnation? Apologies, don’t know my flowers) skewered through the heel! So much more impressive than even the tallest, skinniest, sharpest stiletto; it’s got personality. Try out your best American Beauty impression in this pair. 

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