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Attention to Retail: Kylie Swim, Telfar and all the new fashion drops we’re loving this week

Call it an unfortunate consequence of our goldfish attention spans, call it the evils of late-stage capitalism or call it a pricey balm to whatever anxiety we think a FedEx delivery will fix, but there will always, always be something new to buy. Should you choose to indulge, Attention to Retail is a running list of the newest and coolest, straight from our Instagram feeds, overflowing (and mostly unanswered; whoops!) PR blasts and the myriad places we get our news (Lifestyle Asia, duh) to, now, your wish-list. Sorry! Or you’re welcome. Whichever shoe fits. Ooo, there are some cute shoes in this one.

Chrissy Teigen’s ultimate butter robes and squishy waffle slippers (Approx. HK$561 and HK$218, respectively)

Chrissy Teigen knows exactly what you’re craving; what would really hit the spot when you want a meal that’s capital-I indulgent.

It could be a golden-brown waffle crusted just right, with gridded divots schmeared through with soft, room-temp butter and a hefty drizzle of maple syrup. It could also be a steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup — your grandmother’s recipe. Comfort is a funny thing. A lovely thing. A personal thing.

Now, she knows exactly what you want to wear, too, with the Cravings universe expanding alongside the inclusion of new buttery-soft robes in five neutral colours and plush waffle-knit slippers. So you can eat and lounge in comfort.


Melissa x Lazy Oaf sandals (Approx. HK$1,057)

Or, what Polly Pocket would wear if she was a real girl!

Melissa and Lazy Oaf’s newest collaboration is petal-sweet (literally; the former’s brand signature are shoes engineered to smell like bubblegum); a nostalgic hat-tip to the jelly shoes that squelched through the 1980’s. The trio of colourways — one black; one pink-green; one green-red — sits atop a very walkable platform, with a floral appliqué perched and pretty on the Melflex™ upper.

We’re wearing these with a fresh pedicure through the last days of summer; then, intensely patterned socks through autumn.


Kylie Swim by Kylie Jenner

If there’s someone who knows a thing or two about very flattering angles, very skimpy clothing and very excellent Instagram posts, Kylie Jenner, soon to be mother-of-two, must be a name that comes immediately to mind. At least top-three, if not first.

Following the immense success of her make-up empire that may (or may not, jury’s still out on that one) have pushed her past the billionaire threshold, Jenner returns this month at the tail-end of summer with a brand-new venture: swimwear.

Kylie Swim offers a stunning collection of bikinis, cut-out maillots and matching sarongs in yellowish-orange shades that resemble a Malibu sunset. Best yet, prices start at a very reasonable US$40 (approx. HK$311).


Mansur Gavriel’s Candy bag (HK$4,463)

Soundtracked, probably, to Aaron Carter’s seminal ‘I Want Candy,’ Mansur Gavriel’s newest bag is a sugar-sweet tribute to the now-very-familiar Y2K, snug-under-the-armpit design. Its glossy, softly sculptural exterior making overtures towards the kind of hard-shelled candy pushed around and around in your mouth until, at last, it’s thin enough to bite into.

The sky-blue colourway is beautiful, but the model also comes in wine red, golden yellow, caramel brown and a closet-staple black if you’re not into gelato pastels.


Telfar duffle bag

Yet another bag mere mortals like yours truly will most likely never be able to get her hands on without some very intense finger crossing, Telfar moves past the original shopping silhouette — or, colloquially, the Brooklyn Birkin — with a brand-new design: a glossy, grainy duffle bag with the brand’s emblem (Telfar Clemens’s initials, stylised) embossed on either end.

The duffle was presented alongside the launch of Telfar TV at New York Fashion Week, a 24-hour public access network for fans of the brand to feature their Telfar bag-adjacent artwork. The duffle will only be available for purchase on Telfar TV with no lead-up or announcement, so, as with the incredible scarcity of their previous design, good luck getting this one.


Frank Ocean’s Homer x Prada collaboration

Frank Ocean’s last album Blonde was released half a decade ago. It goes without saying, then, that fans of the artist are no strangers to waiting. The wait is over — not for new music, but for Homer’s new collaboration with Prada, which includes a pastel spin on an anorak, a backpack and a belt bag.

Another tricky one to get your hands on, this drop is only available for purchase in person at the Homer store in New York — think of it as opportunity to reconnect with your state-side friends. Or, roll the dice and wait for the inevitable gouged-up prices on C2C sites like Vestiaire Collective.


(Hero and featured image courtesy of Melissa x Lazy Oaf)

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