The most obvious dress-code of the season? Prada.

Talks of going outdoors for a liberating breath of fresh air — probably the conversation topic for many. Excited gleeful whispers of “No masks!” Daydreams of adventures beyond the cityscape — Hong Kong’s star hikes and beaches — and deep into the wilderness. More extreme; more exciting. Like an intuitive answer, Prada launches Prada Outdoors, a collection of four experiences comprised of pieces with purpose, each designed to fit into a particular scenery: Garden, Coast, Mountain and Snow. Now, a better to enjoy outdoors — with an even better wardrobe, at that.

prada outdoors

Described by the Italian House as “a picnic on the lawn, games on the sand, the cool shade of the trees and the gleam of the sun on an alpine lodge” respectively, the four experiences are a celebration of the outdoors and the plethora of activities that switch with the seasons. From full ready-to-wear collections to branded collectables that nod towards an outdoorsy agenda — nylon tents, sun chairs and hammocks — Prada Outdoors is a considerate nudge to anyone who needs (if any) reminding going outside is full of fun.

Those who spied the spot of sandy haven smack-bang in the middle of ifc atrium: That’s the ‘Coast’ instalment of the Prada Outdoor pop-up series, set with mini sand dunes and nautical blue-and-white striped sun shades and loungers as the stage to showcases a rotation of Prada-branded accessories made for the sun: surf boards with nylon covers, frisbees and beach tennis paddles. And among the the summery, resort- apropos garms, a selection of House favourite icons recreated for the sunshine scene (that changes with each experience) including terry-cloth bucket hats, scrunchies and slip-ons that are perfect for long afternoons by the pool and weekends in the sand.

‘Snow’ is set to launch at the tail-end of the year but keep your eyes out for the next experience — ‘Mountain’ — set to be in Central’s Landmark. You know, scenic hikes and vigorous climbs. Trails to the alpine peak. Unmarked territories over stunning gorges and picturesque canyons The hard, sweaty stuff but while dressed pretty in stylishly Prada gear. For the time-being, however, let us bask in the coastal summer sun; here’s an unnecessary list of ‘wants’ from the ‘Coast’ collection we’re willing to make the switch to ‘needs’:

prada outdoors

Embellished nylon cup holder

The presence of iced-up water-bottles in the dead of summer? Common place. But one strapped into a decked-out, full-embellished carrier? Not so much. Which is why this Prada cup holder — made from the brand’s classic nylon construction — is so, very covetable. It’ll even be a snazzy, anything-carrier beyond the sunny season. What’s not to love?

prada outdoors

Striped volleyball with carrying strap

Markers of the summer seasons: long days, long nights, days by seaside, weekend yachting trips and perhaps the most evident of them all: beach volleyball. Grab friends, a loaded-up ice cooler and enjoy an afternoon of friendly competition. This Prada-stamped volleyball? Made for winning side.

prada outdoors

Pool float

And another: Basking in sparkling azure pools. Preferably with an ice-chilled lemonade and a smooth slathering of SPF. Also this Prada-printed pool float that’ll make gliding down the lazy river or drifting along the shoreline feel that much more luxurious. Not to mention it’s the perfect size to lie back and stretch out.

prada outdoors

Terry pillow

There are many a-great things about this Prada pillow, for one, it goes beyond being a singular decorative item. There’s purpose and function. It’s the perfect addition to sun-loungers as a plush-soft headrest or as an easy quick-dry tower due to its cotton terry construction. Lastly, the bold and bright sunshine hue goes without saying. A piece for a fantastic summer.

Prada Outdoors is available at various Prada locations in Hong Kong, including shop G4, Alexandra House, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2522 2989

Lorria Sahmet
Style Editor
After two years of covering luxury retail, Lorria is thrilled to be writing in fashion, food and lifestyle here at Lifestyle Asia. When not roaming around garden centres hauling back new plants for her indoor jungle, find her hunting down the best fries in the city. She's happiest by the ocean with a fishbowl glass of ice-cold Aperol spritz.