With knitwear season well and truly upon us, is there a better time for Prada to drop this season’s perfect cardigan than now?

As part of the Italian House’s monthly Timecapsule series, Prada has just unveiled a limited-edition wool cardigan to keep you warm and cosy all through chilly January.

It’s a new design, but it looks like it came straight out of the ’70s with a geometric jacquard pattern, emblazoned with a reworked Prada logo that was introduced in the brand’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection. There are also sporty touches that recall Prada’s ‘Linea Rossa’ line, such as the stripes that run from the knit piece’s collar to its ribbed cuffs, or the sleek zip on the front.

Header image courtesy of Prada

Made for fervent thrifters who can’t resist a vintage piece, this cardigan is a perfect old-school throwback particularly with its kitschy, colour-clashing palette. However, it’s a very limited-edition release with only 50 pieces launching.

The monthly Timecapsule drops became part of Prada’s roster since 2019, and offers a range of boxy T-shirts in vibrant prints to mark each month. For January, it will be series’s first knitwear, and the cardigan has been labelled with ‘1/21” in a Prada triangle logo at the back — a number devised by the month of launch along with a specific limited-edition numeral.

All in all, Prada’s Timecapsule cardigan is as much a collector’s item as it is a wearable statement piece — a wool-woven outerpiece that will set you back around €1,100 (HK$12,000).

Header image courtesy of Prada

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