In this monthly series, the editors of Lifestyle Asia dive deep into the closets of Hong Kong’s best-dressed individuals. From statement footwear to indispensable wardrobe basics, these Style Heroes share some of their favourite pieces with us and, in the process, give glimmers of insight into what defines their personal style. This month, we speak with Clara Chung.

Tattoos, once popularly associated with rebelliousness and gang culture, continue to play a somewhat controversial role in contemporary society — something considered all the more taboo in the case of women. However, in a world where an increasing number of people are rejecting one-dimensional beauty norms and embracing individuality, it’s an ideal time to shed new perspectives on old stereotypes. Clara Chung, Gen Z tattoo artist and fashion model, is out to take the lead.

The 24-year-old discovered her love for the visual arts at a very young age, and after coming across a tattoo as a child, set her mind to becoming a tattoo artist. “I was called in to see the schoolmaster at primary school for offering a ball-point pen tattoo service,” Chung recalls.

Following this passion for body art, she eventually became a professional tattooist at the age of 19 and rapidly attracted a following for her talent. However, her aspirations in the field of tattooing go far beyond its utility as a vehicle for artistic expression. Chung’s body-based art is her platform and she wishes to advocate for bodily autonomy; challenge traditional societal norms; and encourage dialogue around the accepted gender roles of women — a topic she feels especially strongly about, given that she hails from a family of seven daughters.

As a model covered in tattoos, Chung has experienced the toxic fallout that comes with stereotyping, firsthand. “I’m often cast for roles such as the salacious sex worker or shifty-looking punk, though I’m quite the opposite of such perceptions.” Her more “girly” traits, as she calls them, are often revealed in another less permanent form of expression — fashion.

“I am a visual artist and fashion plays a very crucial part of my identity. The way I dress depends on my mood and whatever inspires me.” She also adds that, “While I do have a punk side within me, I am overall very girly and am drawn to clothes which are pink with princess-esque aesthetics. That is also why my tattoos are dominated by florals.”

In our latest ‘Style Heroes’ feature, we invite Chung to show us her true colours in the form of five different fashion ensembles. Click ahead to see all the photos, taken in her own home.

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