In this new monthly series, join the editors of Lifestyle Asia as we dive deep into the closets of Hong Kong’s best-dressed individuals. From statement footwear to indispensable wardrobe basics, our ‘Style Heroes’ share some of their favourite pieces with us and, in the process, give glimmers of insight into what defines their personal style.

Though there are those working to change the perception of how some professions — in the case of Hong Kong, namely doctors, lawyers and bankers — are more important than others, many creative professions are still dismissed to be a mere hobby rather than a serious career choice, reflected in the lack of high-quality Art and Design courses offered in Hong Kong's main curriculums.
Lok Fong, co-founder of Deez Limited, was one such art enthusiast who was forced to give up his passion for this exact reason. However, as they say, fate always has an interesting way of stepping in and intervening: After moving away from art, he received an unexpected job offer as an editor for a fashion magazine, and found himself spending the next few years honing his fashion sense and expanding his network as he collaborated with brands, fashion icons and superstars from all over the globe.
In 2015, he co-founded distribution company, Deez Limited, where he focuses on importing quality fashion items from Europe, UK and USA, as well as managing the advertising, content creation and event launches in Hong Kong. He has also, along with his partners at Deez, established a local brand named Noisy Folks, which is becoming one of the most recognised streetwear brands in Hong Kong.
Although fashion is his main business, Fong never gave up on his dream as an artist. Recently, he's been creating illustrations under the nickname 'Mythematics', and has so far attracted plenty of positive feedback and support. We caught up with Fong and asked him to share 10 recommended Fall/Winter 2019 pieces he currently has his eyes on. Click ahead for his picks.
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