In this new monthly series, join us as we dive deep into the closets of Hong Kong’s best-dressed individuals. From statement footwear to indispensable wardrobe basics, our “Style Heroes” share some of their favourite pieces with us and, in the process, give us glimmers of insight into what defines their personal style.

Living in Hong Kong certainly has its perks: It’s such a small but vibrant city where you can find all kinds of happenings every hour of the day (and all within a short distance, too), giving you more than enough opportunities to get creative and dress up all you want. That’s one of the many exciting qualities of Hong Kong that attracted stylist and creative director, Veronica Li, to relocate back from Vancouver years ago.

Supported by her background in fine arts, textile, multimedia and graphic design, her vision towards fashion is certainly one of a kind. When she’s not busy styling the latest editorials and campaigns for magazines and brands, you’ll often find her attending fashion shows and events held by some of the top brands in the industry from Dior to Hermès and Michael Kors, shaking hands with designers such as Olivier Rousteing, Philip Lim, Alexander Wang and many more. As a fashion influencer, she is also known for her fabulous personal style, which often merges effortless elegance and street-style aesthetics, topped with a careful mix of eye-catching colours. And unlike the 6-foot-tall models you often see on brand campaigns, the petite fashionista’s personal style is also very approachable, offering inspiration to all of us who wish to dress to impress, but are unsure of how.

We recently asked Veronica to share a few tips on how she chooses her wardrobe essentials; scroll down to find out 10 of her favourite fashion statements.


Look 1

A head-to-toe look from the Dior SS19 collection.

1. Genderless Shirt

“A white shirt is an all time classic; it can be worn with a simple pair of jeans, or you can dress it up with a beautiful embroidered maxi dress like this runway look from Dior. Sometimes I’ll even add a tie for a dose of masculinity, striking a perfect balance with the feminine attire.”


Veronica Li - Style Heroes

2. Red Drawstring Bag

“Add a pop of red to any outfit and it’ll instantly exude Parisian flair. I used to love bright red hues but nowadays I prefer a nice burgundy red, which is more sophisticated and much easier to blend with monotone looks.”


Veronica Li - Style Heroes

3. Wide Belt

“I have a petite figure, so a belt always helps with creating a proportion that elongates my height. These days I love a thick, modern-looking belt; and if I match the colour with my bottom piece, it will create an optical illusion of having longer legs. A black wide belt is always a good choice, as it is so versatile and can be easily worn over a dress, skirt, pants or jumpsuit.”


Look 2

Style Heroes
Dress from Tory Burch; bag from Chanel; shoes from By Far; earrings from Katerina Markriyianni.

4. Camel Tones

“You’ll always find neutral colours in my wardrobe, especially camel — whether it’s on a jacket, a top or pants — as it really lights up my looks and gives a luxurious touch. My favourite colour to wear it with? Orange.”


Style Heroes: Veronica Li

5. Oversized Earrings

“Bright-coloured oversized earrings have become my staple statement ever since I got a shorter hairstyle. They really compliment the shape of my face and add character to my looks. I am not a fan of necklaces, so earrings are my absolute go-to accessories. Katerina Markriyianni’s fan earrings are now a part of my signature — I have it in every colour!”


6. Round Bag

“This round bag from Chanel is one of my favourites at the moment. It’s the first circle bag I’ve ever owned, and it comes in a compact size. It can be worn as a long shoulder bag with your casual daywear or, if you hide the chain, a small clutch with evening looks. Go for a dark navy blue colour instead of a black one for a more youthful vibe. A caviar texture also makes the bag appear more luxurious, and keeps it from gaining scratches.”


7. Nude Heels

“Every girl needs a pair of open toe nude heels for all occasions, as it’s the best way to add a touch of class to your look. With the ’90s aesthetics back on trend, footwear with a rectangular silhouette is also making a comeback, and these ones will match very nicely with my summer wardrobe.”


Look 3

Style Heroes: Veronica Li
Head-to-toe look from Loewe; sunglasses from Chloé; bag from Charles and Keith; twilly scarf from Hermès.

8. Striped Sets

“Stripes are always in style and I love a pair of pants made in linen as it gives a good resort punch for any type of mix and match.”


Style Heroes: Veronica Li

9. Twilly Scarf

“I love tying a twilly scarf onto my bag, neck or even my hair. It’s a simple piece of fabric that adds a great personal touch to your wardrobe. I encourage everyone to simply have fun with it and discover your own unique ways of dressing up with a twilly.”


Style Heroes: Veronica Li

10. Tinted Sunglasses

“These are a great pair of glasses that goes very well with minimal make up. Whenever I want to dress up but feel too lazy to put on eye makeup for the day, I’ll put on these angular ones from Chloé, which also come with chain details that add an extra dose of ’70s vibes to my outfit.”


Cindie Chan
Style Editor
Fashion blogger turned editor, Cindie has spent over seven years covering all things stylish in the digital world. When she’s not busy poring over the latest covetable releases or attending the most talked-about fashion events in town, you’ll find her enjoying some precious downtime with her newborn son and sweet dog Rosy.