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‘Lab Report: Gucci and SUPERPLASTIC take on NFTs with SUPERGUCCI

SUPERGUCCI, a portmanteau of Gucci and SUPERPLASTIC, represents the fashion brand’s second foray into the NFT universe.

In 2022, you can’t turn a corner without hearing about NFTs. From NFTs being a part of the Barbie x Balmain collaboration, to Hermès filing a lawsuit against the individual behind the ‘100 MetaBirkins’ NFTs, every day in the world of fashion is now an exploration of the metaverse and the many offerings of the digital space.

In light of this trend, Gucci has teamed up with SUPERPLASTIC, the world’s leading creator of animated celebrities, limited vinyl toys and digital collectibles to launch SUPERGUCCI.

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s SUPERGUCCI:

The star of the three-part drop is Crypto Janky, an NFT drop and handmade collectible created by the company’s artists Janky & Guggimon in collaboration with Gucci. The handmade CryptoJanky has been crafted in Italy and draws inspiration from Gucci’s signature patterns, icons and symbols. Both the CryptoJanky NFT and the handmade version will go on sale on 1 February.

Inside the Gucci Vault x SUPERPLASTIC microsite

Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele has created an online concept store, the Gucci Vault. Inside this virtual environment, Gucci’s past, present and future co-exist and becomes the place that the two animated celebs visit as a part of the SUPERGUCCI NFT.

It’s an experimental space that alludes to Gucci icons and the future of the art and design world. The vault becomes a metaphor for what the luxury House has held close for ages and what it will reveal come February. Pre-owned vintage Gucci pieces with their own unique packaging will also be available on the Gucci Vault microsite (with products selling out extremely quickly).

Each of these items has been hand-picked by Alessandro Michele and the archivists of the fashion House. Restored and reconditioned, these one-of-a-kind pieces are surely worthy of an investment.

With both brands being well versed in the sphere of NFT collaborations, SUPERGUCCI is a step further and offers an enhanced virtual experience. Previously, both brands have auctioned off NFTs with Christie’s. The ARIA collection in Gucci’s case and the Janky Heist NFT for SUPERPLASTIC.

Catch a video teaser for the SUPERGUCCI collaboration here:

(Images courtesy of Gucci)
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