When you’re not dressed up for work or a night out on the town, you’re free to dress however you like. Depending on your personal preference, that may mean you want to let loose and go with a daring outfit, or you might just want something that makes you look and feel casual. Now, there’s nothing wrong with casual attire, but that doesn’t mean you need to wear something that makes you appear boring.

These days, as menswear designers continue to expand the boundaries of men’s runway fashion, casual wear is being transformed as well, moving well beyond monotone designs and traditional fabrics toward more eccentric, contemporary styles.  Brands such as Saint Laurent and Valentino are reinventing what it means to dress casually, proving that you can be look stylish and creative while wearing relatively simple clothing. To give you an idea of how to make this your style, we’ve found five casual shirts that are simple but not at all basic.




Bomber shirt

Inspired by the traditional bomber jacket, this Nonnative shirt (approx. HK$1,818) stays true to the brand’s aesthetic. Balancing sporty elements with traditional fashion, the shirt can be worn closed or open with a t-shirt underneath for true versatility.

(Photo credit: Mr Porter)


Denim shirt

An upgrade on the traditional denim shirt, The Workers Club shirt (approx. HK$1,353) will make a perfect addition to your wardrobe, sine it’ll never go out of style. Its half-placket design gives it a contemporary twist and allows you to layer it in cooler seasons.

(Photo credit: Mr Porter)


Pyjama shirt

There’s nothing more satisfying than embracing a trend that’s all about comfort. You won’t find a more comfortable and trendy way to dress than a fashionable pyjama shirt. Valentino’s shirt (approx. HK$4,440) comes with contrasting piping for an effortless yet stylish look.

(Photo credit: Mr Porter)


Lumberjack shirt

The easy-going lumberjack shirt has recently found its way back into fashion. Saint Laurent has redesigned the checkered shirt and given it a sleeker appearance, making this (approx. HK$4,566) the perfect item to invest in for fall.

(Photo credit: Mr Porter)


Retro shirt 

A vintage inspired item can easily add an edge to your outfit without requiring much effort. This Marvy Jamoke shirt (approx. HK$1,268) comes with a camp-collar and pinstripe design that perfectly complements the new rules of casual wear.

(Photo credit: Mr Porter)

Tais Elize
Taïs Elize is a half-Dutch half-Surinamese fashion model who has been travelling the world for more than a decade. As a stylist, Taïs believes fashion isn’t about the overall collections; rather, it's about admiring the individuality of each piece and appreciating the beauty that lies in the details. Follow @taiselize on Instagram.