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Weekly Obsessions: Brunello Cucinelli’s Mahjong set, Drunk Elephant’s Sunshine Drops and more

As editors at Lifestyle Asia, we’re privileged to get a first look at the most exciting new luxury goods every day. That’s what you’ll find in Weekly Obsessions: a running list of highly covetable items we’re currently mad about — because if it’s on our radar, it should definitely be on yours, too. From the fashion must-haves of the moment to lust-worthy beauty releases, scroll through to see what our editors are obsessing over this week.

Brunello Cucinelli Mahjong set

I have an obsession with intricate textures and details, so when I see something that’s been made with meticulous craftsmanship, you’ll often find me staring at it for an embarrassingly long time. Brunello Cucinelli — known for its passion for the finest material and traditional artistry — has just dedicated its art to its first Mahjong set (HK$58,100, pre-order in stores only), covered in warm, natural wood patterns and handcrafted details that have left me in awe.

Based on the traditional Chinese game, the brand’s Mahjong set comes with 144 tiles — each crafted from laser-engraved Krion (a type of synthetic stone) and European walnut, then hand-decorated in Italy using coloured varnishes. Even the dice are created entirely by hand using European walnut. The whole set is presented in a protective case made from virgin wool flannel, comprising two stackable trays and a cover bearing a hand-decorated logo. Feels too precious to play with though no? I’d probably want to keep it at home as pure décor, for a touch of exquisite East-meets-West charm. —Cindie Chan, Style Editor

Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Sunshine Drops

The ole’ ‘highlighter used under foundation’ makeup trick used to impart a subtle, dewy glow isn’t exactly groundbreaking anymore, but the wrong product can really end up accentuating the worst of your skin instead — highlighting bumps, dry skin, clogged pores, you name it. The biggest mistake people make with bronzing drops is using too much. If you’re looking to mimic that well-rested, fresh-off-a-beach-trip look (Lord knows everyone is faking that vacation glow this year), just a tiny drop of Drunk Elephant’s Sunshine Drops (HK$270 from Sephora) goes a long way. 

I’m particularly loving the stuff for its skin-smoothing properties. Rich in powerful and skin-soothing antioxidants such as cocoa extract, elasticity-promoting platinum peptides, and vitamin D copycat chronocyclin, this bronzing serum can be added to your foundation, sunscreen serum or moisturiser (or dabbed as-is on the darker contours of your face) to make it look like you’ve been gently roasting by a pool all weekend. In fact, the smaller the drop, tempered with the help of your foundation and SPF, the more it helps to blur imperfections and catch the light at all the right angles for a more poreless look. —Evelyn Lok, Managing Editor

Chopard ‘Happy Hearts’ rose gold, diamond, and red stone cuff

For me, perhaps the most underrated joy of my work is exposure to new experiences. Now and again, I’ll have the opportunity to discover artisans who are a mystery to me — with the resultant discoveries offering an (increasingly rare) feeling of insight and joy. In that respect, Chopard really delivers. 

The Swiss luxury jeweller has been a family-owned enterprise since the 1960s, and is known in enthusiasts’ circles as the “Big-hearted Maison.” The company’s light, playful style and philanthropic panache are dually encapsulated in pieces like this ‘Happy Hearts’ bangle (HK$22,200).

Available in rose and white gold, they are a characteristic creation from the maison — prized by lovers of bangles, cuffs, and other assorted sparkling ephemera. Better still, a portion of sales proceeds goes to All Hands and Hearts: a charity that Chopard have worked with since 2015, focused on providing disaster relief to children. A good excuse to splurge on a great cause. —Randy Lai, Editor

Cindie Chan
Style Editor
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