As editors at Lifestyle Asia, we’re privileged to get a first look at the most exciting new luxury goods every single day, but with so many new releases rolling out all the time, it’s virtually impossible to cover every single lust-worthy find we have our eyes on. That’s why we’re starting this Weekly Obsessions feature: to offer you a running list of highly covetable items we’re currently mad about — because if it’s on our radar, it should definitely be on yours, too. From the must-have shoe of the moment to age-defying beauty products, scroll down to see what our editors are obsessing over this week.

Chanel's circular crossbody bag

I’ve recently got my hands on this Chanel bag and have simply fallen in love with it immediately. It’s made with very soft leather in an elegant muted olive green colour, and features a simple circular silhouette with a distinctive quilted chevron motif, and of course, a yellow gold chain strap that allows you to wear it effortlessly across your body. Also available in pink, navy blue and black, it’s simply the perfect go-to bag for any Spring/Summer look. —Cindie Chan, Style Editor

Gucci Haines metallic leather slingback sandals

Though I have mentioned before that I practically live in sneakers and ankle boots — as the warmer weather approaches, everyone needs something more light, colourful and fun. Sandals are a great choice, because they give a lot more support to your feet than pumps. I like these ones from Gucci (HK$6,900) for their colourful braided straps that immediately evoke summer vibes; plus, they wrap around securely on your feet. If you pay close attention, you’ll also see the beautiful rosebud prints on the sole, adding an extra boost of elegance to every stride. —CC

Cha Ling Relieving Eye Masks

Remember that Friends episode where Phoebe tells Joey a trick to get rid of the dark circles under his eyes? “There’s just… there’s too much wisdom in there. Just put some tea bags on them for like 15 minutes.” If you’re perennially plagued by puffy eyebags like me, French-Chinese brand Cha Ling’s new eye masks (HK$144; €15 online) will be a wonderfully relaxing quick fix and potential lifesaver that you can carry around with you wherever you go (plus they’re super convenient for flights!). Packed with pu’erh tea polyphenols and hyaluronic acid (to help smooth out tired lines and boost collagen), these eye masks quickly puff up and cool down when placed in water thanks to unique new research by LVMH. Just 10 minutes is enough to take away eye fatigue and fake the look of a full night’s sleep. —Evelyn Lok, Associate Editor

New Apple Watch Bands

I’ve been a frustrated Fitbit user for the longest time — not because of its health tracking functions, no, that part has worked (for the most part) like a well-oiled machine. For me, it’s just too difficult to shop for new watch straps that would match my clothes: I’ve been stuck with the same colour forever, and every retailer I go to says they don’t sell watch straps separately. Ever since recently switching to an Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular), I can finally toy around with the ample selection of styles with ease. This spring in particular, Apple has launched a wide range of new bands, from whimsical stripes in nylon to new bright pops of raspberry and lemonade hues, to new Nike+ sport bands such as in stylish khaki — which contrasts nicely with my rose gold aluminium body. I’m also eyeing the new Hermès bands, particularly the 38mm Double Tour in white and iconic H red trim, for fancier occasions. —EL

Hermès cache-cache aquatique tie

I don’t really wear ties (for obvious reasons), but I know just where you should get one. When your typical suit-and-tie office uniform gets a bit repetitive and you’re looking to add some sort of humour to your daily attire, look no further than Hermès‘ selection of silk ties.  Not only are they made from 100% silk, they also feature some really fun illustrations from everyday objects to the animal kingdom. But that’s not all: flip over and you’ll find that each design ends with a cute story, highlighted by a comic-like illustration at either the bottom of the tie, or on the branded silk tag. —CC

Cindie Chan
Style Editor
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