As editors at Lifestyle Asia, we’re privileged to get a first look at the most exciting new luxury goods daily, but with so many new releases rolling out all the time, it’s all but impossible to cover every single lust-worthy find we have our eyes on. That’s what you’ll find in Weekly Obsessions: a running list of highly covetable items we’re currently mad about — because if it’s on our radar, it should definitely be on yours, too. From the must-have shoe of the moment to age-defying beauty products, scroll down to see what our editors are obsessing over this week.

Prada knit fabric pointy toe pumps

I’m not sure if any of you have noticed, but I actually haven’t been including any pumps in my Weekly Obsessions; that’s due to the fact that I have rather skinny feet, and pumps just simply won’t stay on. With all these horrible memories of my pumps falling off whilst I walk down the street, I simply don’t even want to try giving them another shot. These ones from Prada (HK$8,550), however, are seriously making me reconsider. I really love how the brand has mixed the classic slender silhouette with machine-knit fabric adorned with geometric pattern for an interesting texture and also a contrasting, stylish and contemporary appeal. I especially recommend them to all the office ladies: not only are they a stylish addition to any sophisticated work outfit (whether it’s a pair of wide-leg trousers, a pencil midi skirt or dress), they also allow you to cheekily reveal your inner fashionista without breaking any conventional dress codes. —Cindie Chan, Style Editor

Shiseido ArchLiner Ink liquid eyeliner

There’s plenty of tricks to make sure your winged liner is as clean and crisp as possible: there’s the business card stencil trick, there’s using scotch tape, and then, there’s also an angled eyeliner, which I am particularly fond of at the moment. Being cursed with either shaky hands or bad line-drawing skills, I also have uneven hooded lids, which makes the job extra hard as it’s that much easier for my eyeliner to smudge. Shiseido’s ArchLiner Ink (HK$250) pairs an uber-fine, sturdy brush tip and the all-important angled tip that has helped me draw even wings on both eyes without needing to stretch my eyelids for even application — when I have the time, I can even line both eyes with just one hand! Those with oily lids might find that it does smudge easily at the eyelid crease, but I avoid that by focusing the liquid line on the middle to outer area of the eye, and tightlining the rest with a pencil. —Evelyn Lok, Associate Editor

Bally small Cecyle bag in white

Following a successful debut in Fall/Winter 2018, Bally is giving its unique, half-moon shaped Cecyle bag — named after the wife of founder Carl Franz Bally — a new elevated look for the Spring/Summer 2019 season. Inspired by the details found in the brand’s archives on a bag from the 1990s, these latest additions have been inserted with a diamond quilted pattern, adorned with a fine mini-studding detail for a beautiful touch of understated glamour. While the Cecyle bag features pieces in various colours and sizes, I have my eye on the small, white, calf leather version (HK$13,490) for its refreshing and elegant flair. —CC


Grafford Leather goods black grained belt

Say “leather belt” nowadays and most hip young dudes will greet your utterance with a mixture of bewilderment and horror. For whatever reason, over the past decade the belt has morphed into a synonym for “business casual”. It’s a wildly mishandled accessory: often frumpy, conspicuous (thanks clunky buckles!) and readily associated with fast fashion. All of that is a real shame, since the right belt — something cut in elegant dimensions with a hint of texture — is capable of pulling a whole outfit together in a way which few accessories can. Fashion writer Jesse Thorn describes it as a “point of distinction”: a relatively minor article that completes and highlights the more pedestrian elements of any given outfit.

Swedish shoemaker Grafford make one such suitably distinguished version (approx. HK$1,305) in a grained calf leather. The material’s tight and small striations are complemented by relatively modest 1-inch dimensions; and the belt buckle is secured using a snap system that allows it to be easily swapped for an alternative at a moment’s notice. I heartily suggest you try wearing yours with wardrobe staples like a dark suit or olive sportcoat — it’s amazing the sort of illuminating effect a good belt can have on those. Also available in brown. —Randy Lai, Staff Writer

Moncler Bubble sneakers

It’s no news that sneakers are no longer something you only wear to the gym, but also one of the must-haves pieces that align with your fashion wardrobe. Lately I’ve been introduced to Moncler‘s Bubble sneakers which features a lightweight sole comprising individual islands of ultra-soft rubber, while the uppers are formed by knitted sock to offer a comfortable fit and a nice visual balance. I really like these ones that come in navy blue and a turquoise sole (HK$4,100) , but they are also available in two other variations including white with the colours of the Italian flag and black with a contrasting white sole. Sadly they are menswear pieces and I have small feet, but perhaps they can be a gift for the husband for the new year? —CC

Cindie Chan
Style Editor
Fashion blogger turned editor, Cindie has spent over seven years covering all things stylish in the digital world. When she’s not busy poring over the latest covetable releases or attending the most talked-about fashion events in town, you’ll find her enjoying some precious downtime with her newborn son and sweet dog Rosy.