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Sacai oversized mesh lace shirt dress

It’s peak sale season and like many of you, I’ve been rather occupied by the motherlode of discounted fashion offerings available right now from Net-A-Porter to MatchesFashion and more.

I’ve always been more interested in versatile and evergreen pieces that I can keep going back to. One of the pieces I recommend again and again is the shirt dress: With its flattering silhouette, it’s an elevated classic and an ultimate wardrobe staple. I’m particular drawn to this unique version by Sacai.

The Tokyo-based brand, founded and creatively helmed by Chitose Abe, has always been one that I’ve rather fond of. The designer (slated to guest-design the next Jean Paul Gaultier couture collection) is known for her innovative hybrid designs that splice contrasting styles together for brilliant results. This particular piece, now on sale at HK$7,740 (originally HK$12,900) from Lane Crawford, is cut in a non-restrictive silhouette complemented by all-over mesh lace, making it especially breezy for the stifling summer heat. — Cindie Chan, Style Editor

Treaty CBD tincture in ‘Focus’

With the steady growing popularity of CBD in Hong Kong (check out our beginner’s guide here) — that is, hemp-based products used in the beauty and wellness space — it was only a matter of time before luxury retailers also began to bring in their approved edits. To my happy surprise, Joyce Beauty is at the fore here by introducing three high-end ranges comprising home spa products, beauty serums as well as oil tinctures, all available for a limited time this summer through 16 August.

One of the products I had the pleasure of trying out recently was Treaty’s ‘Focus’ oil (HK$1,350/30ml from Joyce Beauty), which is packaged in a gorgeous black glass bottle and dropper. Taken orally (16-18 drops at a time), the brand’s oils are sourced from proprietary hemp grown in Hudson Valley, New York, and feature different blends of botanicals depending on different needs — there’s also ‘Calm’ and ‘Balance’ oils that presumably offer a more relaxing experience. They’re broad-spectrum, meaning they contain all kinds of cannabinoids from the hemp plant except for THC (AKA the illegal one that gets you high). I’m liking ‘Focus’ so far for its unique blend of refreshing white pine, ginseng and spearmint and just 10mg of CBD per dose. It feels just like a light boost for the overwhelmed brain, working way better for me than jitter-inducing caffeine for when I need to get through a particularly long to-do list. — Evelyn Lok, Deputy Editor

Atelier de Chronométrie AdC8 split-seconds chronograph 

Over the last few years, I’ve become increasingly befuddled (and a bit disillusioned) by the unbridled surge in demand for what is essentially uncomplicated, serially produced watchmaking — which just so happens to possess the good fortune of a brand name. The lack of meaningful critical dialogue in that space is best illustrated if we look at the ‘independent’ marques — such as Barcelona-based Atelier de Chronométrie (AdC).

Built by a small team of two vintage dealers and two watchmakers, AdC’s definitive specialty has been in bespoke, handmade timepieces powered by lavish vintage movements. The brand’s latest project is a considerable achievement: A split-seconds chronograph commissioned at the behest of an American collector.

In addition to being a unique, contemporary expression of vintage rattrapante design, the AdC8 manages to fulfill its brief at around half the price (approx. HK$740,455) of the equivalent branded chronograph, outfitted with an in-house movement. Despite its 40mm size, the watch elegantly channels the spirit of 1940s watchmaking, reflected in everything from the case’s shape to the manner in which the gilt dial is composed.

The watch’s good looks are easily matched (maybe even eclipsed) by what’s inside. Working from the solid foundation of the Venus 185, AdC’s watchmakers produced some 50 components of the movement entirely by hand. It’s in these tiny pieces that connoisseurs will discern the unbelievable amount of care that has been lavished on every surface. God, as it happens, really is in the details. — Randy Lai, Watches Editor

Cindie Chan
Style Editor
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