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Weekly Obsessions: Yu Nagaba x Casetify phone case, Grown Alchemist’s hand sanitiser and more

As editors at Lifestyle Asia, we’re privileged to get a first look at the most exciting new luxury goods every day. That’s what you’ll find in Weekly Obsessions: a running list of highly covetable items we’re currently mad about — because if it’s on our radar, it should definitely be on yours, too. From the fashion must-haves of the moment to lust-worthy watch releases, scroll through to see what our editors are obsessing over this week.

Yu Nagaba x Casetify phone accessories

Honestly? I wasn’t that big a fan of phone cases. I used to tell my friends I got the iPhone for its smooth, slim silhouette and colour, so why would I want something to cover that? The thing is though, I’m exactly the type of clumsy person who needs to have a protective case on her phone. I’m saying from experience that I can barely survive one week without coming face-to-face with a major risk of cracking my phone screen (which is also why I always make sure that glass screen protector is on before I even leave the Apple store).

That said, my opinion on phone cases changed drastically after being gifted my first Casetify sleeve (one from their DHL collab) last year. I’ve kept an eye on the brand’s products over the years, and I realise the case designs that they have today are stylish, fun and protect your phone without being bulky, therefore ticking both boxes of requirements.

I’m now treating these cases like fashion accessories that I can alternate from time to time, and lately, I’ve gotten hold of one of the customisable ones (from HK$319) that Casetify has launched in collaboration with Tokyo-based illustrator Yu Nagaba. There is plenty of freedom for customisation, from the colour choices for the frame and body to the illustration (there are 12 you can choose from). You can also opt to print your name on it too, to give it extra personality.

I got the iridescent version for a delightfully summery vibe, but I’m also really into the mirrored style, which is more sleek and modern. Sadly, given the popularity of this range, you’ll need to be waitlisted for now, but I’ve heard that they will be restocking in the near future. — Cindie Chan, Style Editor

Grown Alchemist Hydra Gel Hand Sanitiser

With the recent surge in coronavirus numbers in the city, no doubt everybody is ramping up their efforts to keep their hands clean and masks on throughout the day. At Lifestyle Asia HQ, we’ve also stationed our favourite hand sanitisers at the ready (easily accessible between desk lunches, coffee breaks, spates of keyboard tapping and the like). One of our recent favourites, adding onto last week’s Weekly Obsessions shoutout for Hong Kong-made Midst hand spray, is by none other than Grown Alchemist.

The Australian natural beauty brand launched its Hydra Gel Hand Sanitiser (HK$330/500ml; HK$90/50ml from 1010Hope) several months ago, featuring a non-drying, bacteria-killing formula with 70 percent alcohol content that is extracted from natural cane sugars. With ample use of anti-bacterial gels, you’d often find that your hands begin to peel or reveal dry, scaly cuticles, but not with this product: The gentle, non-irritating gel has been infused with a moisturising hyaluronan complex, plus a pleasant, clean smell consisting of rosemary, clary sage, cedarwood, fennel, sweet orange, and citrus. — Evelyn Lok, Managing Editor

Henry Jacques ‘Les Toupies: Chapter two’ Eau de Parfums

This week, I’m highlighting a set of matching fragrances by haute perfumer Henry Jacques that are so elusive, you can’t even order them yet in Hong Kong (your best bet would be to email one of the brand’s boutiques in KL or Singapore directly — or hold out until your next visit to check out the boutique in person). Recognised for its level of artistry in matching fragrances to handmade crystal flacons, the family-run perfume house has recently launched a new collection of scents, entitled ‘Les Toupies’, or the spinning tops.

As a series of “rare fragrances conceived and developed as complementary pairs,” says Artistic Director Christopher Tollemer, the particular duo that has caught my eye consists of fragrances numbered ‘16’ and ‘81.’ According to Tollemer, both are the culmination of two years’ R&D, standing out as some of the most avant-garde perfumery ever to be undertaken at Henry Jacques. No. 16 showcases Centifolia rose (an essential ingredient in traditional perfumery) alongside various other arboreal notes including gardenia and Florentine iris. That is in stark contrast to the experience of wearing No. 81 — a delightful contradiction of Italian citruses, lined with gourmand accords of tonka bean and sandalwood. — Randy Lai, Editor

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