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Meet Mr. Bags, China’s top influencer ruling the shopping game

Mr. Bags, runs a multifaceted empire across China’s digital scene with his luxury brand team-ups, compelling storytelling and entrepreneurial acumen. 

Love or hate it, fashion bloggers set the tone in our social media-driven world. Sure, mega-influencers like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are magnetic on Instagram, but China’s most potent key opinion leaders such as Mr. Bags are the new-wave media magnates. 

Tao Liang: the man behind Asia’s handbag empire

Unless you are a handbag aficionado, we assume we have to fill you in on who is Mr. Bags. Tao Liang, better known as Mr. Bags is on a mission to share his handbag world with the masses. Chinese women turn to him for advice when buying the trendiest handbags. With over seven million followers on China’s most popular social networks like WeChat, Weibo and Instagram, he has the Chinese bag game on lock. His influence has led to collaborations with big names such as Givenchy, Burberry, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Chloé. 


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Everything he touches turns to gold

Mr. Bags already had drive – but selling 300 Tod bags in just one hour only fueled his title as the Chinese ‘God of Shopping’. When he launched limited-edition Mini Horizon bags with Givenchy for Valentine’s Day, about 80 of them sold out in just 12 minutes. He found his own e-commerce with WeChat and Weibo, which catapulted Mr. Bags to the Chinese market’s number-one handbag shopping guide. Liang’s comprehensive knowledge of the luxury handbag market and in-depth trend analysis made him a household name in the Chinese nouveau riche group. 


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Mr. Bags made headlines at a Fendi show

On a trip to Hong Kong, Tao insisted his mother buy the freshly minted Céline Luggage bag. As a University of Southern California student in Los Angeles, Tao Liang spent most of his spare time shopping on Rodeo Drive. Little did he imagine that his passion for bags would one day make him China’s most celebrated fashion influencer.

He went on bag-shopping sprees with friends, followed the trends in fashion and posted his opinions on the hottest bags on social media. Soon, Tao Liang started collaborating with big brands and Chinese celebrities like Fan Bingbing. But he made headlines when he became the first Chinese blogger to get a front-row seat at a Fendi show. 


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China has become one of the largest luxury fashion markets, and Chinese influencers are taking over the world by storm. And while European luxury bag labels court his attention, fans can expect a jewellery and watch account by the end of the year – drumrolls, please!

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Meet Mr. Bags, China’s top influencer ruling the shopping game

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