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Vanity Fur: Match your best friend with Zara’s Pet Collection

Who let the dogs out looking this good? Likely the brand-new Zara Pet Collection.

The Zara flagship on Queen’s Road Central serves several important purposes.

First, as the industrious home for picked-off-the-runway trend pieces, poised and priced for the masses.

Second, a four-storey, tirelessly air-conditioned institution I can slip into on much too hot days to cool off while thumbing through clothes I will not try on, out of courtesy for other customers who will likely not appreciate slightly damp merchandise.

Third, it’s my post office, for when I invariably click “In-Store Pick Up” for a purchase order I do not want witnessed, guiltily, arriving on my doorstep; a package I envision I’d pick up very, very soon with cardboard brown boxes filled to the brim with the new Zara Pet Collection. Zara for pets!

For those who unironically fill out their Instagram bio as a “Dog Mum”, “Dog Person” or any other variations upon the canine-adoring theme, get matchy-matchy with your favourite furry friend with these following combos from Zara’s cutest release yet.

Cuffed and Collared

A contrast striped cuff has all the hallmarks of a great Varsity fit; membership within any intramural sports club not necessary. So, if you and your pup would really just enjoy a nice dog-friendly staycation and leave the long-distance running to the professionals, we say just dress the part.

Pet Collection Knit Sweater (HK$199)

Plush Jersey Jogging Trousers (HK$259)

Cosy Up

There’s only one fool-proof way to dress come wintertime: in layers. And what’s one more if it’s a layer as cosy, as fuzzy and as deliciously tactile as an off-white blanket of soft, nubby shearling? If your furry friend has reservations, tell him none necessary: it’s all faux!


Pet Collection Faux Shearling Jacket (HK$259)

Faux Shearling Overshirt (HK$499)

Essentials Only

There are a lot of very adorable knits, outerwear and winter beanies in the Zara Pet Collection, but remember not to overlook the essentials, too. The leashes, harnesses and soft doughnut beds are points for upgrade; accessories and must-haves that will get its fair share of use everyday as opposed to a more fanciful purchase (as cute as they are!). Prep for brisk bathroom breaks with a leather mobile phone carrier that only carries your bare minimum.

Pet Collection Coloured Strap (HK$159)

Soft Leather Mobile Phone Bag (HK399)

Left on Red

We might just have seen the last of this summer’s rainy season, but, again, it’s Hong Kong. Who knows when a typhoon will come swanning and swerving along our coasts. Until then, prep for next year’s wet weather with a firetruck-red raincoat for the dog, a water-repellent sweatshirt for you. Good Christmas ‘fits, too.

Pet Collection Red Raincoat (HK$259)

Water-repellent Padded Sweatshirt (HK$359)

Snood Dog

One inferior note about what would otherwise be a perfect piece of headgear: Can’t see ears. Though, rest assured, the little pom-pom seated directly at the crown more than makes up for it. Expect a cacophony of coos, awws and iPhones sneakily angled in your direction for the majority of this walk. The beanie will also look snappy peeking and bopping out of a carrier bag, should your pooch get tired.

Pet Collection Knit Beanie (HK$159)

Knit Jacquard Hood (HK$199)

Barking and Sparkling

Officially, this sparkly belt is not a part of the Zara Pet Collection, my apologies for the misdirection. But they did use a canine model for this SKU, so all’s fair in love and listicles. A treat for any upcoming glitz-and-glam-themed doggy birthday parties, this rhinestone belt can be tugged on as a makeshift collar in a pinch for quick Instagram pictures. Anything for content! Then, what’s theirs is yours. Now you have two glittery belts. Good news for you.

Maxi Rhinestone Belt (HK$229)

Special Edition Rhinestone Belt (HK$359)

Green Light

From Bottega Veneta bathrobes to those TikTok-viral House of Sunny dresses, there’s been a grand revolution vis-à-vis the colour green lately. Dogs, apparently, can only see within the spectrum of yellows and blues, so they won’t get to appreciate how absolutely cool you both will look cast in all-green, top-to-toe; snout-to-paw. So be sure to tell them.

Pet Collection Green Raincoat (HK$259)

Wide-leg Jeans (HK$359)

Can We Get it in a Doggy Bag?

Belt bags worn splayed diagonally across the chest feel a little like a thing of the past in these no-festival days, but when Fido wears it? Amazing. Adorable. Trendsetter. So independent! For short walks, pack lightweight treats and a roll of waste bags in theirs; a bottle of water, a camera and the cards-keys-phone trifecta in yours.

Pet Collection Nylon Belt Bag with Strap (HK$259)

Nylon Belt Bag (HK$299)

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