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Gigi Hadid debuts the latest Miu Miu “it” bag

Buckle up, bag collectors! Gigi Hadid is showcasing a brand-new Miu Miu purse that you can add to your lineup. The supermodel stars in the luxury house’s most recent campaign, honouring the debut of the Arcadie bag.

Featured alongside the Arcadie is Miu Miu’s iconic Wander bag, carried also by Hadid as she strikes poses against warm, vibrant backgrounds. The furniture, fences and skylines are all adorned in nuanced brushstrokes, echoing the elaborate texture of Miu Miu’s woven metalassé leather. Available in colours ranging from fiery red to warm beige, the textured pattern reigns as one of the luxury house’s most revered designs.

Lensed by renowned fashion photographer Steven Miesel, the new campaign takes inspiration from the paintings of American artist Margaret Keane. Her portraits depict bashful characters with wide, luminous eyes, reflected in Hadid’s own soft demeanour and tender expressions. An imaginative shoot, Meisel paid tribute to Keane in his rendering of Hadid as a doe-eyed persona, simultaneously channelling the youth and vitality of the Miu Miu brand. 

In the campaign, Hadid sports shoulder-length tresses, complimented by a feathery fringe. Dolled up in Miu Miu’s famed micro-mini skirt, the mother-of-two also modelled pieces from the brand’s knitwear line as intended by stylist Lotta Volkova, ranging from a short-sleeved sweater in a rich brown to a buttoned cardigan in royal purple. 

When discussing Miuccia Prada, head designer of Miu Miu, CEO Benedetta Petruzzo isn’t shy to sing her praises. “It is an honour to see her work, work with her and to experience someone full of kcnowledge and powerful yet still down-to-earth and kind,” Petruzzo said. “I think of the Miu Miu woman as someone who has similar qualities to Miuccia… playful but calm, classic but cool, in-charge but grounded.”

The brand emphasises how “Keane’s own character, her freedom, her story” are “innately kindred to the unmistakable attitude of Miu Miu”. A victim of plagiarism by her ex-husband, who attempted to pass her artwork off as his own, Keane eventually reclaimed her art and personal agency.

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