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4 Hong Kong jewellery designers you need to know

The clothes you wear might reflect your current mood for the day, but it’s jewellery that clings closest to the heart. Not only can it give your outfit an instant lift with its intricacy and glamour, but it can also express your personality, beliefs, romantic commitments to certain people and even significant memories in your life — which is why it’s important to find a jewellery designer that can cater to your specific needs.

Over the past several years, Hong Kong has stepped up its game on the creative front, and that includes developing a growing list of jewellery-design talents, both homegrown and foreign. We’ve selected a list of our favourites here, each with his/her own distinctive style and elite clientele. What’s more? Most of them offer bespoke services, and can meet with prospective clients for one-on-one consultations.

Narcisa Pheres of Jewelry Maki and Pheres

Narcisa Pheres recently became the first creative director of Japanese jewellery label Jewelry Maki.

Half-Romanian and half-Greek, Narcisa Pheres relocated to Hong Kong with her family in 2010. Though better known for her luxury menswear label, Pheres is also a GIA-certified diamond expert and jewellery designer with an extensive A-list clientele of international celebrities and CEOs, including Michelle Obama, who wore one of Pheres’ diamond rings at President Obama’s farewell address. Her designs often comprise one-of-a-kind diamonds and breathtaking designs, and such talent has resulted in her recent appointment as the very first creative director for Jewelry Maki, one of the oldest jewellery houses in Japan. Her debut collection, Aristeia, was inspired by the zen gardens of Kyoto as well as the concept ‘wabi-sabi’, which aims to see the beauty in imperfections.

Pheres Studio Hong Kong, 4-5 Wo On Lane, The Wol, Unit 3A, Central, Hong Kong; +852 3182 7554, pheres.com

Dickson Yewn of YEWN

Dickson Yewn blends Chinese culture and philosophy into his exquisite jewellery pieces.

Dickson Yewn is a heritage jeweller who started off as a full-time painter before he began to design fine jewellery pieces for his elite clientele. Passionate about Chinese arts and history, Yewn blends elements of local culture and philosophy into his designs, resulting in exquisite jewellery pieces that are intricate. In 2011, YEWN became the first contemporary Chinese luxury jewellery brand to be patronised by Michelle Obama, who chose to wear his iconic Lattice Jadeite Ring at a dinner hosted for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

YEWN, Shop 303, 3/F, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Landmark Atrium, Central, Hong Kong; +852 3110 2298, yewn.com

Jeanine Hsu of Niin Jewellery

Jeanine Hsu believes in natural beauty and environmental responsibility.

Half-Austrian and half-Chinese, Jeanine Hsu started her eco-chic jewellery brand, Niin Jewellery, in 2005 after noticing the lack of sustainable, environmentally-friendly designs in the industry. With a strong commitment to natural beauty and environmental responsibility, the Central Saint Martins graduate crafts artisan jewellery that combines natural materials with a unique aesthetic. As a result, her designs have attracted the support of exclusive retailers such as Harrods and Four Seasons. Hsu relocated to Hong Kong in 2009 and officially launched the brand at a boutique store on Hollywood Road. Since then, Niin has expanded to over 13 countries, offering beautiful jewellery pieces to the stylish and environmentally conscious.

Niin Jewellery, 200 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong; +852 2878 8811, niinstyle.com

Sandra Hagege of Lorde Jewlery

Sandra Hagege hopes to offer personalised jewels that women can wear day in and day out.

Raised in a family of jewellers and diamond dealers, Sandra Hagege moved from Paris to Hong Kong in 2012. As a frequent traveller, she found herself fascinated by the personal styles of women she encountered abroad, and at the same time, recognised their fruitless search for unique jewellery pieces. Inspired by the idea to represent all the women she has personally met in her travels, Hagege founded Lorde Jewlery, a modern fine jewellery brand that’s known for its intricate shapes, beautiful diamonds and brilliant colours. Her designs are elegant and slightly Mediterranean, and she encourages her clients to mix and match different styles together to create a unique composition reflecting their own personality.


4 Hong Kong jewellery designers you need to know

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