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Accessorise with Garnet, January’s birthstone

When it comes to coloured gemstones, the garnet sparkles with possibilities.

Sure, the gem may have derived its name from the Latin word for pomegranate, due to it resemblance to the fruit’s seeds, but the garnet’s palette goes beyond the richness of red.

It comes in an array of colours like deep violet, as is the case of the rhodololite, or a fiery orange, as seen in the spessartite. The demantoid, the rarest and most expensive garnet, radiates with lush green so vibrant, it may even rival the emerald. And we’re just barely scratching the surface of this precious gem.

You may have even spotted a couple of garnets in ‘Bridgerton‘, the period drama that has taken over Netflix. The gem was particularly popular in the Regency era, when the show is set. It was affordable, believe it or not, and complements every skintone — a variety of which we see in the diverse cast of the Netflix series.

Whether you’re a Bridgerton fan looking for accessories to complete your Regencycore look, or you’re on the hunt for a dazzling gift for your friends born in January (that’s when the garnet is the official birthstone), we’ve listed all the stunning jewellery pieces that bring out the beauty of the underrated gemstone.

Header image courtesy of Chaumet

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Coincidentally, London label Anissa Kermiche drew from period dramas in creating this Woman in Red ring. Here, the deep red hues most associated with the garnet is contrasted with the glow of another popular gem of late: the pearl. Still, it’s the pear-cut garnet at the centre, edged by tiny sparkling diamonds, that’s the star of this gold ring.

HK$9,750 at Liberty London

A spessartine garnet of a vibrant orange is also known as the Mandarin garnet, which is what you see in the heart of this colourful Chaumet ring. Exuberant is the best way to describe the accessory; it boasts a myriad of stones such as the equally rare Paraiba tourmaline and the mystical onyx. Another famous type of garnet, the tsavorite, even comes into play with its verdant hues.

Available at Chaumet

Van Cleef & Arpels once again drew on its love for nature for another of its signature Between the Finger rings. This one features a pair of butterflies, with wings beautifully embellished with green tsavorite garnets and diamonds — a mesmerising combination indeed.

Available at Van Cleef & Arpels 

With a rosy hue, the rhodolite garnet is one of the best gems to pair with pink gold, as Boucheron has done with these earrings. There are four rhodolite gems in all, weighing a grand total of 28.73 carats. Each are cut in a drop shape to resemble the head of a snake, and their gorgeous colours are brought out by similar drops of pavé diamonds.

Available at Boucheron

Cartier has offered countless iterations of its iconic panther motif, but this one is among our favourites. The head of the ferocious feline is meticulously cut and sculpted with bold lines of white gold. That only emphasises the fire of its green eyes, made of sparkling tsavorite garnet, which sit above an onyx nose.

HK$165,000 at Cartier

Harry Winston truly outdid itself with this ring, which is really an explosion of colour. The hefty jewellery piece is crafted with a hypnotic tsavorite garnet, which is surrounded by complementary halos of yellow sapphires and Mandarin garnets.

Available at Harry Winston

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