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Boucheron celebrates its roots with new high jewellery collection, ‘Paris, vu du 26’

Paris is, of course, known for being the City of Lights. For French high jewellery house Boucheron, however, the glorious city by the Seine is so much more: It is its home, its muse and its inspiration. To mark its return to the newly renovated Boucheron Family House, the jeweller has recently unveiled a new collection, ‘Paris, vu du 26‘, in tribute to the grandeur of the sparkling metropolis.

Located in the heart of the city, the Boucheron Family House at Place Vendôme underwent 18 months of painstaking renovation, before finally reopening for business at the end of last year. The tribute collection is a celebration of the label’s homecoming, as well as a return to its Parisian roots. These dazzling creations — presented in three series titled Paris, Place Vendôme and 26V — honour every aspect of the beautiful city, from its cobblestone alleys to its grand palaces, and even feature the first ever gemstone created by Maison Boucheron.



Colonne D’Acanthe long necklace set with a 1.58ct marquise diamond, freshwater white pearls, mother-of-pearl and diamonds, on white gold // Colonne D’Acanthe ring set with a 10.08ct cushion diamond, paved with diamonds, in white gold.

This series re-interprets the many everyday sights of the city, blurring the line between reality and creative fantasy. Take the Colonne D’Acanthe, for instance, which features a design inspired by the Acanthus column, which you will find supporting several buildings around the city. It features a ring, and also a necklace in white gold and diamonds, with a pearl tassel evoking the column and leaf motifs depicting acanthus leaves.

These delicate leaves also define the Feuilles D’Acanthe, the latest iteration of the brand’s classic ‘Question Mark’ necklace, which also comes with matching pendant earrings, brooch, ring and even a watch, all heavily set with diamonds on white gold. The Verrière, meanwhile, recreates the dome of the city’s iconic Grand Palais in the form of a long necklace that dangles in a tassel of emerald beads, held by a puffed glass dome paved with diamonds on white gold and titanium.

The Verrière long necklace — set with emeralds beads, square diamonds and rock crystal in white gold — is inspired by Paris’ iconic Grand Palais.


Place Vendôme


The view from the windows of the Boucheron Family House has also inspired creative director, Claire Choisne, into crafting some personal and unforgettable jewelled pieces. The Pavés De Crystal necklace, for example, mimics the light reflected off cobblestones after rain, and is highlighted by a 2.68ct F IF pear diamond that can be detached and made into a statement ring. The Duo Taille Émaraude, on the other hand, serves as an ode to the shape of Place Vendôme with two rings sporting 31.03ct and 32.50ct yellow beryls, with diamonds and black lacquer. There’s also the Feuilles De Laurier, a stunning necklace studded with pearls and diamonds on white gold, with a design that recalls the bay leaves-covered frieze at the base of the Vendôme column.

Boucheron - Duo Taille Emeraude ring
Duo Taille Emeraude ring set with a 31.03ct emerald-cut heliodor beryl and onyx, paved with diamonds and black lacquer, on white gold.


26 V

26V long necklace set with a 5.32ct round diamond, onyx, rock crystal and cacholong, paved with diamonds, in white gold. The stone can be detached and made into a ring.

The heart and soul of the brand, the 26V series evolves around the very first Boucheron stone the maison has ever created. This precious rock is a combination of onyx, rock crystal and white agate, and creates an illusion of depth that evokes a staircase leading to the heart of the necklace. Like most of the jewellery in the collection, this piece is transformable: you can wear the necklace with only the tassels by detaching the stone, or only the stone by detaching the tassels.

The Maison’s cat, Wladimir, gets a shoutout, too. The beautiful companion inspired two cat rings set with black sapphire, tsavorites, green tourmalines and diamonds, while Nuri, a pair of asymmetrical titanium earrings, imagines a multi-coloured parrot in full flight. Last but not least is the Jack Box, which encloses a luxurious set of 26 brooches (its design is inspired by the Jack Clasp motif) set in gemstones that allow you to wear it any way you fancy.

Boucheron - Jack brooches
Coming in a box in black lacquer and marquetry of wood and mother-of-pearl, the Jack brooches are each set with diamonds, on yellow gold.

Visit Boucheron’s official site to have a look at the full collection.

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