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Bulgari brings Divas’ Dream to modern-day women

Inside every woman lives a secret diva — sophisticated, modern, classic, playful and dreamy — each with a unique radiance that sets her apart from everyone else. So for this season, Bulgari has drawn inspiration from the diverse style of the modern-day Divas, presenting a new series of Divas’ Dream jewellery that captures and exalts glamour and grace.

Calling the Eternal City its home since 1884 — a time when marble columns and bronze goddess statues made Rome a living museum of beauty and magnificence — Bulgari considers itself a contemporary Roman artist of today, and continues its aesthetic quest by producing masterpieces that glorifies different facets of every woman’s femininity. For the newly launched Divas’ Dream jewellery, the Italian jeweler continues to reinvent new styles and carves them into the signature aching silhouettes, all inspired by the sophisticated mosaics of ancient Rome, as a homage to the house’s historic heritage.

Categorising the new jewels into three styles including The Essence of Chic, The Sensual Sophisticate and A Modern Mystique, Bulgari takes us through the secret dreams of this inner diva and reveals different characteristics of the lady through a new array of sundry style, colours and preciousness — a collection that allows a woman to play with various facets of her beauty, personality, mood, or occasion.

Divas' Dream - Essence of Chic
The Essence of Chic recounts a lady with effortless elegance.

The Essence of Chic recounts a lady with effortless elegance who chooses the iconic Divas’ Dream shape for its distinctive simplicity and dose of sparkle. Made in pink gold or white gold and set with pave diamonds, this feminine combination is as adaptable as it is unique. Dressing in white and exceeds with natural beauty, this diva can choose whether to pair her jewels, with a selection of playful earrings, pendants and rings — all paved with diamonds or delicate mother of pearl — ready for her to pick as she wishes.

The Sensual Sophisticate, meanwhile, stars a lady who happens to be the date of a Royalty, and becomes the centre of attention as she steps into the public with her prince for the first time. Heading to the ball, she is dressed glamorously in a royal blue gown, with the pink gold Divas’ Dream necklace with pink sapphires and pave diamonds dangles glamorously over her chest — a sophisticated combination of sensual colour and precious stones.

Divas' Dream - Sensual Sophisticate
The Sensual Sophisticate stars a glamourous and sophisticated lady who happens to be the date of a Royalty.

Last but far from least, A Modern Mystique recalls an intelligent and charismatic lady with a distinctive knowledge and taste in art. Known to have a magnificent jewelry collection, the independent diva favours the vividly colourful Divas’ Dream creations that reflect the confident and free-spirit of today’s woman. Amongst her private collection lies a bracelet in a modern design that combines the vivacity of malachite and the elegance of mother-of-pearl. For a look of colourful spice and sophistication, there is also a necklace of malachite and pave diamonds that arches on pink gold, as well as a pink gold rigid bracelet that will work perfectly with the matching dangle earrings.

Divas' Dream - Modern Mistque
A Modern Mystique recalls an intelligent and charismatic lady with a distinctive knowledge and taste in art.

The newly launched Divas’ Dream jewellery collection is now available at Bulgari boutiques across Hong Kong. You may also head to the brand’s official website for a glimpse of the collection.

Bulgari, Shop 2040, Level 2, Metal Zone, Elements, 1 Austin Rd W, +852 2196 8228, bulgari.com

This article is sponsored by Bulgari.

Bulgari brings Divas’ Dream to modern-day women

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