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Cartier’s unconventional jewellery collection is a celebration of all kinds of femininity

What qualities crop up when you think of the archetypal woman of today? Graceful and sophisticated? Ambitious and adventurous? Why not all of the above?

Cartier’s iconic LOVE bracelets and Trinity rings have long been considered synonymous to glamour and elegance by women all across the globe. Today, however, when we live in a world that appreciates and celebrates all kinds of femininity, the jeweller, too, hopes to break down conventional ideas of beauty through its captivating jewels. To do that, Cartier shook things up by breaking down the Maison’s aesthetic heritage, reimagining these qualities in a new, unconventional Clash de Cartier collection that promotes a duality of tradition and liberty.

Cartier’s unconventional Clash de Cartier jewellery collection is a celebration of all kinds of femininity.

Ranging from bracelets to rings, earrings to necklaces, the Clash de Cartier collection features a mash-up of architectural design elements that you can find in some of Cartier’s most signature creations. Every detail — whether it’s the studs, the beads, the clous carrés, and all the volumes, reliefs, circles and squares — is a tribute to the Maison’s penchant for geometry that dates all the way back to the 1930s. These elements have all been singled out and pulled back together in unexpected ways to fascinating effect. The result? A collection of jewellery that not only champions neo-classical forms and clean designs, but also exudes an energetic, almost playful spirit.

The collection brings together a mash-up of architectural design elements that were broken down and put back together from some of Cartier’s most signature creations.

Examine closely, and you’ll find that while the sharp, interconnecting studs look set in place, they can actually be moved to create a gentle motion that entices light to flit and flicker — an ingenious articulated mechanism developed entirely within Cartier’s workshop. The buff-top domed clous carrés, meanwhile, are treated with a bright polish resulted from a series of meticulous operations. Last but not least, to offer that final touch of sophistication that every Cartier creation carries, the insides of all pieces have been delicately scalloped for comfortable wear. 

Following last year’s debut release of 18k pink gold and coral versions, the brand has just added a line of limited edition amazonite novelties as well as bracelets and rings in 18k white gold to the collection. Take a look at these new beauties below.

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