Titled ‘Tweed de Chanel’, Chanel‘s latest high jewellery collection is inspired by the house’s signature tweed.

There are many symbols that are synonymous to the house of Chanel, the lion, the star, the number 5, to name a few, but perhaps none of the above is as iconic as the tweed — the handwoven Scottish woollen fabric Gabrielle Chanel was so passionate about that it not only became an essential element of her wardrobe, she also repeatedly adapted it, from menswear into womenswear she created for the free-spirited women just like her.

Tweed de Chanel – Tweed Contraste series

Designed by Patrice Leguéreau, Chanel’s director of jewellery studio, the Tweed de Chanel high jewellery collection brilliantly mimics the distinctive characteristics of the woollen fabric, reinterpreting them into 45 exceptional jewelled creations ranging from necklaces to bracelets, earrings, rings and watches.

To achieve the beautiful irregularity of the tweed, craftsmen at Chanel had to develop special articulation techniques to help insert that vitality of movement into yellow gold and platinum, on which gemstones such as diamonds, pearls and sapphires are then layered atop for a splendorous textured effect.

Tweed de Chanel – Tweed Couture series

And just like there are a plethora of tweed fabrics, Tweed de Chanel offers designs that echo the various iterations of the interweaving textile spotted in Chanel’s fashion creations throughout the years. Some of the jewellery pieces flaunt contrasting colours, while others are made with a fringe effect.

All that painstaking details, naturally, took the collection months to complete. The Tweed Couture necklace, for example, was finished after 980 hours of work — and to spectacular result, as evident above.

Tweed de Chanel – The Tweed Graphique series

This collection is the latest high jewellery collection by Chanel to revolve around its founder’s symbols. The Maison has previously unveiled collections featuring Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite flower, the camellia, as well as her star sign, Leo.

Tweed, a traditional menswear fabric, became associated with the French designer after she started incorporating it in her womenswear designs. Chanel had preferred the wool fabric because of its softness, comfort and distinctive appearance. She even went on to create her own variations, combining classic tweeds with silks, cottons and cellophane to give it a high fashion edge.

Tweed de Chanel, then, is perhaps the Maison’s most luxurious interpretation of the fabric — and one that Coco most certainly would have approved of.

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