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Don’t Mind If I Do: 12 shimmering treasures she’d say ‘I do’ to

I will. I promise. I do. These are words that, when said, sign off on an unspoken contract. These are words that, when said, imply action, imply follow-through and timely responses to a question already asked. Imply a favourite book, returned safely, as soon as possible. Imply “Yes, I’m on your team. For good.” Imply commitment; a lifetime of love. 

But words, when said, disappear — gone with every exhalation, with every breath exchanged. That’s why we seal promises with kisses; set oaths with blood. And for occasions especially sacred: with a special trinket, imbued with meaning. It could be a dangling pendant worn by your grandmother, then your mother, then, you; a shiny, sparkly thing to be inherited. Like accents. Like recipes. Or, it could be a brand-new ring from De Beers. That’ll work, too.

De Beers’ ‘I do.’ campaign takes the two words reciprocated at the altar and breathes new life into an age-old convention. ‘I do.’ is, simply, a promise made. A promise made to your favourite person in white dresses and neatly pressed suits, yes, but it can also be promises made to your sister. Your mother. Your very best friend. Yourself!

This holiday season, make good on your words with talismanic tributes to love, to devotion — to whatever you hold close to heart — from the brand-new additions to De Beers’ Enchanted Lotus and Talisman collections. Inherited jewellery may insinuate embedded stories folded into the crevice of each interlocked chain; each crest of a diamond, but stories, of course, have beginnings. Prologues. 

Let this be a chapter that begins anew.

The De Beers jewellery she’d love to unwrap this holiday season:

If you won’t settle for anything less than a show-stopper, then these 18k white-gold earrings from De Beers’ Enchanted Lotus High Jewellery collection — rendered with a whopping 8.89 carats worth of diamonds — are it.

The collection’s lotus motif is repeated upon this pair twice: once at the stud, then again at the drop with round brilliant and pear-shaped diamonds impersonating petals, all surrounding a round brilliant diamond centre to complete the beaming illusion.


Now that’s a ring.

This stunning piece from De Beers’ Enchanted Lotus High Jewellery range is a faithful recreation of the collection’s floral symbol — a motif said to stand for “purity and eternity”. Blossoming from the centre outwards with round brilliant diamonds surrounded by pear-shaped diamonds that act as petals, this 18k white-gold ring is a big, big statement, totalling approximately 6.77 carats of ethically sourced diamonds, all selected and hand-set by De Beers’ team of expert gemologists.


Overtures of love need not stand for ostentation and melodrama. A case study for the elegance of simplicity, these 18k white-gold earrings are an understated rendition of De Beers’ Enchanted Lotus motif; tracing through the petals with micropavé diamonds framing a round brilliant diamond at the lotus’ core. This is a pair for every day; one that wears as beautifully against tousled up-does and satin gowns as they will against cosy loungewear at home.


Another piece supporting the beauty of jewellery that can be worn on even the most mundane of days, this bracelet continues with De Beers’ Enchanted Lotus symbol. This time, rather, the micropavé diamond construction forms graphic, unfilled lines that leave behind a weightless, openwork effect — so slivers of skin underneath peek through. A very delicate 18K white gold chain pulls the final effect together.


A graphic piece that matches the openwork design of the stud earrings and bracelet from De Beers’ Enchanted Lotus collection, this 18k rose-gold necklace falls into a simple, elegant floral-shaped pendant; one that nests snug immediately beneath the décolletage.

It’s the kind of design that shows off beautifully framed against the open collar of a crisp button-down. Or, simply leave it hidden, touching the skin closest to your heart.


Rather than leave lines unfilled, this ring from De Beers uses slices of iridescent mother-of-pearl inlay to emulate petals one might assume would blossom from an Enchanted Lotus. Framed alongside micropavé diamonds, this piece from the collection rounds into a soft, elegant design; one that have all the markers of curios that will become vintage treasures to be passed down, and down, and down once more.


From hoop to drop, these sleeper earrings from De Beers’ Enchanted Lotus line-up assume the floral motif at its most simple — and at its most shimmery. The petalled lotus, traced through with micropavé diamonds, extends upwards towards the attached hoop, connecting pinpricks of sparkle with more pinpricks of sparkle that, all-together, fall into a constellation worthy of a cloudless night sky. But just your ear lobes will do.


On this pendant necklace, De Beers’ Enchanted Lotus symbol, designated to mean “purity” and “eternity”, sits atop a sunset-coloured carnelian, believed to represent “strength, love and passion”. But all the lofty words and denotation and effete significance would mean nothing if there’s no love behind the giving of this gift — so make it heartfelt. Tether it to promises; to oaths you’re bound to keep.


More is more is more with these rings from De Beers’ Talisman collection; a three-count marquise-, baguette- and trilliant-cut diamond set that can be worn alone or in combination as a stacked trio.

Look closely at these rings’ 18k rose-gold composition for the unique texture hand-finished with the jeweller’s signature serti poinçon technique. It’s unlike the smooth, faultless bands you’d otherwise expect from a jeweller of this calibre; the kind of surface that reveals a kind of raw, textured tactility you’d love to run fingertips through.


The diamonds lined up upon these hooped earrings from De Beers alternate between polished and rough; a signature of the brand’s Talisman collection as a reflection of rough diamonds as a symbol of power — long prior to their now-inextricable connection to love.

The raw beauty of rough diamonds is made ever more apparent by the gems’ exquisite brown colouring, a stark contrast alongside the more conventional, clear-cut diamonds.


Another specimen for De Beers’ Talisman signature, this 18k rose-gold bracelet is tethered together with threaded stations, then charm drops, then stations, again; interchanging, of course, with the collection’s signature polished and rough diamonds with each textured, serti poinçon-finished transition.


Clear distinctions are made irrefutable in this design as the signature alternating polished and rough diamonds on this charm necklace from De Beers is set within squared-off and circular stations that, once again, alternate in stride. The raw, textured serti poinçon-finished surfaces of each charm is meant to be touched; to connect wearer to the roughened origins of the diamonds they now don.


Shop De Beers’ Enchanted Lotus and Talisman collections here.

Don’t Mind If I Do: 12 shimmering treasures she’d say ‘I do’ to

Joey Wong


Retired Tumblr girl Joey has written her way through fashion trends, youth culture and luxury retail in New York and Hong Kong. Beyond internet adventures tracking down the perfect vintage find, you can probably catch her tufting rugs, swigging back Bloody Marys — her third, probably — and making fastidious spreadsheets about her Animal Crossing island.

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