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DeBeers dazzles in a new high-jewellery collection ‘Reflections of Nature’

Photographs of nature are pretty to admire and pretty to replicate. In an abstract sense, an art piece, or in tangible disciplines, a delicate piece of jewellery. A generous muse, nature is consistent. Timeless. It’s what defines DeBeers’ newest high-jewellery line, ‘Reflections of Nature’ — dazzling recreations of such idyllic scenes. 

Each high-jewellery collection from DeBeers is an introspective into the London jeweller’s multi-faceted narrative. A tidbit of the brand’s storied history. An inward lesson of intricate design processes. An ode to each pieces’ faraway origin. ‘Portraits of Nature’ was a showcase of the varying tonalities of rough and polished diamonds, gleaming in rare colours. The new ‘Reflections of Nature’, is, then, a dedication to the source of such brilliant stones, a vicarious journey though four picturesque landscapes — Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Canada — so pertinent to the brand’s creations.

39 exceptional design debuts in five stunning sets, each a tribute to the organic formation of the landscape in brilliant and fancy colours: curvilinear strokes of meandering rivers, ripples on sun-drenched sand dunes, to the sharp corners of snow-capped vistas and rugged cliffs. The new collection, while an ode to notable locations of DeBeers’ diamonds, is also a testament to the brand’s long-term sustainability commitment, Building Forever, pledged to preserve and protect the planet with particular effort in promoting ethical mining. 

Okovango Grace

Delicate organic structures shapes Okovango Grace’s pieces — fluid; naturally curving — suspended mid-air, patiently anticipating for an indication of motion, much like the tall reeds it’s designed after. The ones that sway with the lightest of breeze, bow over at the break of dawn. A prevalent water-botanic that lines the Okavango Delta marshlands in North-Western Botswana, these slender stems detail the collection. Nine styles beautifully replicated with a mix of rough and polished diamonds, each bezel-framed, and each a mirroring of the unruly, untamed floodplains that form the area. Undulating curves that make-up the maze-like waterways. Colour gradients of verdant greens to sun-bleached pinks evocative of the lush vegetation. Bezel-set brilliant whites to reflect the clear, glistening surface of undisturbed water.

Motlatse Marvel

It’s the intensity, the prismatic rays of a blazing afternoon sun that inspires the Motlatse Marvel collection; most particularly when lit ablaze against the rocky landscape of the Motlatse Canyon of South Africa, one of the world’s largest. A territory composed of skyward peaks and plunging cavernous depths, each crack and crevice dances in hues that change with the movement of sunlight. Sunrise to sunset. The seven part series muses on light and shadow prevalent within the rugged terrain, translated into a smattering of cuts, hard-pointed edges of baguettes and soft cushions and pears. The colour palette is indicative of the suffusion of light, too, and transitions from warm earthy tones of reds and brown to cooler graphite hues of pinks and whites upon the sun-bursting designs.

Namib Wonder

A most serene picture. Imagine: A still, silent stretch of an unending, undisturbed desert plain reaching far and beyond, lit up only by the glow of a slow-rising sun. This is what inspires the Namib Wonder collection; a snapshot of the world’s oldest desert in Western Namibia, where the only movement are soft, undulating ripples that kiss the golden surface. Naturally, this is a story told in yellow and white diamonds — pavés mirrors the texture of the sand, while roughs allude to the natural allure, not instantly perceptible at first sight — captured in nine sculptural styles. The collection also sets the standard for a DeBeers’ first with a cap setting that renders an organic fringed effect, not unlike the subtle troughs upon the windswept sand.

Landers Radiance

Landers Radiance deep dives into the azure waters of the Landers Reef off the Umdoni’s Coast in South Africa. Here, a cornucopia of colour. A myriad of textures among the teeming aquatic life sparkling under bright beams of light. Scalloped edges and rounded shapes that mirror the uneven surfaces of thistle corals with brilliant diamonds, and delicate stations of intermittent roughs, pausing just momentarily between each stone, evocative of the iridescent scales of darting tropical fish. This is an eight-piece collection that lifts the vibrant underwater world up to the surface, in dazzling cuts, the largest of the collection, and impressive techniques, including a spectacle setting (where a diamond is framed within a bezel) that can take up to six hours of craftsmanship for a single diamond.

Ellesmere Treasure

Enchanting. Elegant. Calming. This are but a few adjectives that give life to the Ellesmere Treasure pieces, yet also, are adjacent descriptors to the picturesque wilderness of Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic. Snow-capped mountains. Glacial vistas. Valley ranges blanketed in snow. A collection set of six set with white diamonds, and white diamonds only — each stone a hand-picked to indicate the purity of snowfall. Brilliant pavé diamonds capture the translucency of ice; marquise accents outlines frosted willow leaves. Together, snapshots of a wintry scenery. It’s serenity and magic. Some are pictures of a single fallen snowflake, seen under a macro lens, in beautiful kaleidoscope patterns, and others, perhaps, frost upon a frozen lake.

Reflections of Nature‘ is available at various DeBeers locations across Hong Kong, including Shop G1-2, G/F, Landmark, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2118 2321

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