Modern-day amulets for your self-care needs.

With the ongoing pandemic, along with economic and political uncertainties around the world, getting through this year sure takes some serious willpower. That’s why ‘self-care‘ and ‘mindfulness’ have become two buzzwords that have resonated with everyone — reminding us of the importance of taking care of our wellbeing as we continue to take on this seemingly impossible ride of 2020.

For those finding self-affirmation efforts to be running on the low, Hong Kong contemporary jewellery brand Young by Dilys’ is hoping to offer us some extra support. The brand specialises in customisable slow jewellery, each serving as modern-day amulets that carry on the ancient culture of spiritual charm-wearing.

The brand’s latest release under its ‘OM‘ collection comprises of carefully designed demi-fine creations, all crafted in Hong Kong using rhodium or gold vermeil-plated 925 sterling silver. Each design is found embellished with natural white sapphires believed to offer positive energies of clarity, kindness, and wise judgment, along with charms designed after the sacred symbol of Om (ॐ). These charms are approved and authenticated by a highly-respected Tibetan Buddhist master to bear grounding powers, helping us to reconnect with nature and the present.

Made-to-order and fully customisable to suit your personal needs, the collection of OM demi-fine jewels include rings, earrings and necklaces in a timeless chain-link design, as well as a four-in-one creation featuring a detachable OM pendant and a half-chain, half-beaded arrangement that can be transformed to a choker, two bracelets or anklets.

Head to Young by Dilys’ official website to discover more about the brand and its modern-day amulets, or take a look at its #FromMindfulMinds campaign starring Wendy Du, yoga teacher and founder of Shan Studios, sporting the new, demi-fine OM pieces below.

Staff Writer