Mother’s Day is around the corner and the race to find that ideal gift is on. While roses and chocolates are always welcome, a mother’s lifelong commitment of love and care certainly deserves something more timeless and unparalleled. Rising to this challenge, MIKIMOTO presents a recreation of the ocean’s most precious jewel for Hong Kong with its special Mother’s Day selection of cultured pearl jewellery — the MIKIMOTO M Collection — the perfect gift to show mum that she’s truly one-of-a-kind.

“A pearl is a living jewel,” Kokichi Mikimoto, founder of the Japanese luxury brand, once said. And he was right.

There are few jewels as unique and eternal as the pearl. Its very creation is a miracle of nature, and the birth of a pearl is an amazing process that requires time and commitment, reminiscent of a mother’s dedication. This symbolic similarity is exquisitely reflected in this Mother’s Day series — a set of pendants, rings and earrings, featuring the finest Akoya cultured pearls, each set in gold and complemented by shimmering diamonds. Produced by Japan’s rare Akoya oysters, these pearls are prized for their brilliant lustre and rich colour, and are a traditional symbol of grace and beauty.

For the M Collection, which uses the brand’s initial as inspiration, MIKIMOTO has chosen the delightfully glamorous Golden South Sea pearls. Yielded from the golden-lipped oyster, these opulent gems possess a colour palette that ranges from light champagne to a deep gold; such warm, natural hues are said to be rarer than the precious metal itself. Unsurprisingly, they are among the most coveted pearls in the world.

Mikimoto M Collection
MIKIMOTO M Collection with Golden South Sea Pearls and Diamonds: earrings HK$78,400, pendant HK$48,500 and ring HK$56,700.

The glow of these pearls is beautifully accentuated by its 18-karat yellow gold setting, while the diamonds add to the elegance of each piece. Though the Golden South Sea pearls come in several shapes — oval, teardrop and baroque — MIKIMOTO has opted for the choice of a classic sphere, reinforcing the timelessness of the original pearl. Meanwhile, the design of the jewellery has been kept simple yet contemporary, which makes it a versatile and always elegant accessory, whether it’s for a casual brunch or a formal evening.

Apart from the M Collection, MIKIMOTO is also offering other attractive selections of pendants, rings and earrings, which also feature Akoya cultured pearls, only this time, they are in a glossy white colour, and set in 18-karat white gold along with diamonds.

MIKIMOTO with Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearls and Diamonds: rings HK$16,500 (top) and HK$12,400 (bottom), earrings HK$19,800 and pendant HK$15,000.

In addition to its delicate craft, what sets any MIKIMOTO creation apart is the superior level of technical skill and artistry involved at every phase. This is because the brand maintains the strictest quality grading standards, based on five essential factors: lustre, surface perfection, shape, colour and size. Each pearl harvested is as individual as a fingerprint and only the highest-quality pearls with the most luminosity can carry the MIKIMOTO name. So tell us, what better way is there to show your mother how exceptionally special she is for you than these precious pearl jewels at MIKIMOTO?

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