It’s been 125 years since Mikimoto‘s founder, Kokichi Mikimoto, became the first in the world to succeed in the cultivation of pearls. To celebrate this significant milestone, Mikimoto recently unveiled its latest high jewellery collection at its boutique at 8 Place Vendôme, Paris — the store that cemented Mikimoto as the first Asian jewellery brand to open in the prestigious square, sitting alongside the world’s most elite jewellers since its opening in 1986.

Mikimoto’s latest Jeux de Rubans collection features a series of mesmerising jewels offering a luxurious and whimsical interpretation of the elegant ribbon.

Titled Jeux de Rubans, the new high jewellery creations offer a number of luxurious and whimsical interpretations of the elegant ribbon — long a timeless motif for designers all over the world. One highlight of the collection is a graceful, asymmetrical eight-strand pearl necklace meticulously put together using Japanese Akoya cultured pearls in a range of different sizes. A large, opulent White South Sea cultured pearl can be found sitting on top of the piece, encircled by a mesmerising array of pink sapphires that are set to create a 3-dimensional silhouette in the form of a flower. The centrepiece is also detachable, and be worn separately as a vibrant brooch for a more understated touch of glamour.

A long necklace featuring Japanese Akoya cultured pearls in a radiant golden colour.

For something a little more unconventional, the long necklace featuring Japanese Akoya cultured pearls captivates with its radiant golden colour. The rare pearls are topped off with a symmetrical vintage ribbon design, set with a rose cut diamond and yellow diamonds to echo the rest of the necklace.

Another flamboyant necklace is created with Japanese Akoya cultured pearls and diamonds, with a design inspired by a tightly knotted bow.

This flamboyant necklace is created with Japanese Akoya cultured pearls and diamonds, with a design inspired by a tightly knotted bow.

In addition to necklaces, Mikimoto has extended the romantic ribbon motif to a range of rings and hair accessories in the new Jeux de Rubans collection. The unique and charming designs offer a more youthful take on the classic combination of precious gems and pearls, ultimately reflecting the many style possibilities and versatility of the organic pearl.

Mikimoto, Shop 2035, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2234 7189

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