From precious rubies and emeralds to top-class diamonds and more, the kaleidoscopic world of jewels is filled with captivating colours and mesmerising shimmer. While rare stones are guaranteed to add an abundance of glamour and class to your jewellery collection, lustrous pearls continue to take up a unique space in our hearts, appreciated for their timeless grace and enduring appeal.

Celebrating such opulence since 1893, Japanese pearl jeweller MIKIMOTO is not only well respected for successfully creating the world’s first cultured pearls, but also for its continuous efforts in bringing the beauty of pearls to all parts of the globe, thus earning its status as a symbol of Japanese culture with an international presence.

MIKIMOTO brooch with Akoya Cultured Pearls, enamel, Plique à jour and diamonds (HK$24,100); MIKIMOTO Pendant with Akoya Cultured Pearls, enamel, Plique à jour and diamonds (HK$17,200)

This spring, the jeweller once again takes on the unofficial role of cultural ambassador by presenting a new jewellery collection inspired by one of Japan’s greatest national symbols — the cherry blossom, also known as sakura. Inspired by its first bloom, the collection ranges from earrings to rings, brooches and pendants, all featuring a design that captures the sweet and romantic aesthetics of sakura, embellished with meticulously selected white South Sea Pearls or Akoya Cultured Pearls, as well as diamonds set on 18k pink gold.

MIKIMOTO earrings (HK$70,400), rings (from top: HK$33,800 and HK$52,500) and pendant (HK$53,400) from the Cherry Blossom collection.

To achieve the details that thoroughly capture the beautiful shades and natural palettes of the cherry blossoms, Plique à jour, one of the most sophisticated and complex arts of vitreous enamelling technique, has also been used, adding a boost of poetry and elegance to the design. Our favourite? The brooch with Akoya Cultured Pearls, enamel, and diamonds (HK$24,100), which features a design that resembles a branch of sakura freshly plucked from the tree — only in this case, its petals will continue to enchant forever.

MIKIMOTO, Shop 2035, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2234 7189

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