World-renowned jeweller Tiffany & Co. is well-known for its sparkling, delicate accessories for ladies, presented in robin egg blue boxes tied with a white satin bow. But with a new division, the iconic brand is set to diversify its customer base, presenting its first-ever comprehensive jewellery collection for men in an attempt to tap into a burgeoning men’s accessories market.

With the launch of Tiffany Men’s, the iconic jeweller will expand its range to offer ‘masculine jewellery’ for the discerning gentlemen — catering to those with a penchant for well-made, high-end accessories and luxury items.

Tiffany 1837 Makers bracelets and Tiffany T bracelet. (Image credit: Roe Etheridge for Tiffany & Co)

While Tiffany & Co. has created bracelets, rings and pendants for gents, selections are often limited. Save for the 2016 launch of the Paloma’s Groove collection, there hasn’t been much to offer in the men’s department.

Tiffany Men’s is meant to be a more comprehensive oeuvre of designs reflecting the modern man, defined as ‘bold and confident, casual yet refined, a style arbiter with a discerning eye for quality.’

So far, there are two collections confirmed for this new line of jewellery. It will include almost 100 designs, ranging from US$200 (HK$1,568) to US$15K (approx HK$117K).

The Tiffany 1837 Makers pays homage to Tiffany & Co’s iconic hallmarks and on-going tradition of crafting sports trophies. The collection is defined by concave and convex forms as well as motif inspired by hardware (think chains and dog tags). Also in this collection is a made-to-order trophy ring which is set to be a bold statement piece.

(Image credit: Roe Etheridge for Tiffany & Co)

Then there’s the Diamond Point collection which features a graphic motif that feature prominently on Tiffany & Co’s glassware and sunglasses. The texture, die struck and hand-polished, is now translated over to pendants and sterling silver cuffs.

Besides jewellery, Tiffany Men’s is also launching other accessories like cocktail shakers, beer mugs and compasses. Amongst these is a chess set, a stunning objet d’art hand-crafted from sterling silver and 18k yellow gold vermeil.

Tiffany and Co is taking the new launch seriously as well. Instead of just being a sideliner to other jewellery pieces, Tiffany Men’s will potentially get their own floor space in Tiffany & Co’s boutiques around the world. It’s about time men’s jewellery get some attention.


This article was first published in Lifestyle Asia Singapore. 

Jasmine Tay