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Stay on top of your style game with these 2023 aesthetics

Whilst 2022 was all about the coastal grandma and weird girl aesthetic, there are a slew of new style aesthetics to allow you to thrive in 2023. The best part is that there is something for everyone. Continue reading to discover which 2023 style aesthetic is ideal for you.

Fashion aesthetics are not a new concept in the trend forecasting industry. Seasonal style stories, which frequently appear on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, are often the easiest way to communicate cultural shifts that influence how shoppers outfit. In terms of incoming aesthetics, the fashion landscape is showing a notable range. Discover top fashion aesthetics to keep on your radar as you plan your shopping list for the year ahead.

Types of aesthetics to showcase your individual style in 2023

Futuristic Utility 

Image: Courtesy Instagram/noemi.dgs

Cargo pants are having a moment, according to the street style scene. Other practical staples, such as armour-like corsets and blazers with prominent pockets, have also popped up on runways of big fashion houses. This year, the industry is taking a kitschy approach to translating ‘fashion of the future,’ so expect the utilitarian trend to go even further.



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E-Girls typically have dyed hair that is mostly concentrated in the two front sections and hyper-stylized makeup that exaggerates their eyes and cheeks, eerily similar to anime characters. Many people draw tiny hearts or freckles on their faces and pile on blush to make their cheeks look extra-rosy, though some people prefer no or minimal makeup. Hair clips, mesh clothing, choker necklaces, and silver jewellery are all necessary for achieving the extreme online look.


While you may believe that monochromatic outfits are bland and require less energy, they can be quite difficult to pull off, especially if you venture into bright colours or light neutrals. Monochromatic style necessitates some experimentation to determine what you like and what you will feel confident in. A monochromatic outfit is a simple and clean style that you will enjoy wearing if you have the right pieces to put together. A monochromatic look can be just as eye-catching as a patterned dress or statement jacket if done correctly. If you’re not into matching or styling pieces together, simply wear a co-ord set with matching footwear and accessories.


Image: Courtesy Instagram/kourtneykardash

This is a look designed specifically for the Instagram grid. It’s time to channel your inner badass; the baddie-girl aesthetic evokes a plethora of fine designs and luxurious fabrics. Think oversized blazers with knee-high boots and those statement sunglasses you’ve always wanted to wear, as well as tight-fitting dresses, full makeup, and designer pieces.

Dark Academia

Image: Courtesy Instagram/bellahadid

Tweed blazers, sweater vests, and anything that screams prep school, or a fancy and far too expensive university are must-haves for this look. The wording “dark” simply means that the tones of your outfit are darker and typically include browns and blacks.

Light Academia

The same as Dark Academia, but in lighter colours! To get in on this vibe, stick to whites, creams, and beige tones.


2023 styles
Image: Courtesy Instagram/kourtneykardash

Grunge is an offhand, underground aesthetic that emerged in the 1980s. This style rejects traditional societal expectations as a protest against the era’s materialism. The aesthetic’s fashion result is a lot of mesh, plaid, mixed prints, combat boots, corsets, and layered choker necklaces.


2023 styles
Image: Courtesy Instagram/emmachamberlain

The name comes from the photo-editing app VSCO, and key outfit elements include white trainers or Birkenstocks, high-waisted jeans or shorts, oversize T-shirts, and scrunchies. Messy buns and seashell necklaces are additional elements of this look for an effortless, low-key, and, yes, somewhat basic aesthetic appeal.

Featured Image: Courtesy Instagram/kourtneykardash

Stay on top of your style game with these 2023 aesthetics

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