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New Watch Alert: The Hermès Arceau Toucan de Paradis takes flight

Hermès said, “Put a bird on it.”

Silk stitching and natural oils aren’t usually the first things that come to mind when talking up a new timepiece. Then again, Hermès’ latest drop is anything but typical.

The watch is a dual tribute: Both to Henri d’Origny’s 1978 Arceau and Katie Scott’s 2020 Toucans de Paradis scarf. The Arceau’s classic lines with Scott’s botanical illustrations create a perfect harmony between craftsmanship and nature. The result? A truly standout piece of wristwear.

Photo: David Marchon

Looking at it by the numbers, the toucan design is composed of 500 individual silk threads, each assembled by hand. The dial is surrounded by a 38mm white gold case, embellished with 82 shimmering diamonds. Each edition is numbered, with only 24 in the world. And perhaps the most important number of all — the price — the Arceau Toucan de Paradis retails for HK$607,800.

Toucans de Paradis fans can find the giant scarf, maxi dress and even an objet d’art ashtray to round out their collection. Discover more at Hermes.com.

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