Always thinking one step ahead into the future, luxury menswear online retailer Mr Porter just announced the launch of modern Swiss-based watch brand HYT on its e-commerce platform, best known for its patented and award-winning micro-fluidic module that indicates the passage of time using liquids.

This brilliant way of combining mechanical engineering and revolutionary technology won HYT the Best Innovative Watch award at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève in 2012, soon after the debut of its very first H1 piece, and now you can get your hands on one of these hydro-mechanical wonders straight from Mr Porter.

HYT H1.0 hand-wound 48.8mm stainless steel and rubber watch (approx. HK$337,984)

“HYT’s contemporary collections are well suited to our customers who crave that something special and unique – while providing Mr Porter’s watch category with a completely new type of product offering and adding to our growing roster of independent brands,” said Toby Bateman, Managing Director at Mr Porter.

The HYT offerings on Mr Porter comprise a curated selection of eight watches, along with an H1.0 model that’s been exclusively created for the fashion etailer. These eight pieces are selected from across HYT’s H0, H 1.0, H 2.0 Time is Fluid and the Skull 48.8 collections, which will gradually become available for purchase at Mr Porter starting today.

HYT H1.0 hand-wound 48.8mm stainless steel and rubber watch (approx. HK$338,014)

The exclusive H1.0, on the other hand, is scheduled to launch later in the year, with only a limited quantity of five pieces available across the globe. It will, of course, also feature HYT’s patented micro-fluidic module, displayed on a black DLC coated 48.8mm case, coupled with a dial and a rubber strap in the same dark hue.

Interested to strap one around your wrists? Take a closer look at the available HYT watches on Mr Porter.

Cindie Chan
Style Editor
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