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Kith and Casio team up for the blingy, ‘rose gold’ G-Shock 6900

Influential streetwear retailer Kith celebrates the 25th anniversary of Casio’s legendary G-Shock 6900 — with a drippy new collaboration envisioned in forged ‘rose gold’ steel.

If you’re big on quartz timekeepers, let’s just say that it’s been a pretty exciting couple of days. Over the weekend, Kith (designer Ronny Fieg’s essential, multi-store retailer of all things streetwear) dropped an exclusive ‘rose gold’ G-Shock, made in collaboration with Casio. Apropos of Fieg’s reputation, the collab banks heavily on 90s nostalgia: no accident given that the New York designer came up during the era and frequently mines inspiration from its music, art, and pop culture.

Of course, the G-Shock 6900 itself needs no introduction. In brief: Casio launched the original reference (dubbed DW6900) in 1995, whereupon it accumulated a huge following thanks to desirable features like its 4-screen display and a dedicated button for illumination. The G-Shock became so popular that it eventually transcended the limits of watch culture, going on to achieve status as an ‘it’ accessory for a wide cross-section of consumers.

G-Shock 6900

Right from the drop, this collaborative edition’s most distinctive feature is its ‘rose gold’ colouration. Fieg has showcased his fondness for this colourway on a number of occasions, with the iridescent tone showing up in various Kith-branded sneakers, outerwear and accessories. (The shop’s rose gold take on the Nike Lebron Performance 15 is a particularly covetable item within this vertical.) Unlike Fieg’s ‘Sea Salt’ collaboration in 2018, the newest iteration of the GM6900 ratchets up the total percentage of visible gold. Whereas rose gold metal was once an accent, Kith and his designers have done a complete overhaul — creating a case and peripheral elements that are undeniably blingy.

G-Shock 6900

As with all releases which derive from the GM6900, the Kith G-Shock still retains a large, square-ish pusher at 6 o’clock — used to illuminate the dial under low lighting conditions. Fieg & co have also substituted Casio’s traditional ‘G’ branding with their own logo; and to drive home the collaborative nature of this release, the shop’s signature tagline (‘JUST US’) appears superimposed over the time-and-date whenever the dial is lit up.

Of course, this rose gold monster boasts the performance that fans have come to expect from G-Shock: the new GM6900 is made with improved impact resistance and is depth-rated to 200 metres. A fiberglass membrane protects the inner case from prolonged contact with the bezel, while the latter is produced via a process of forging, before being cut and polished.

Beyond the timepiece itself, KITH chose to bundle their new collaboration with a duo of black and white bands. Both are adjustable using a fairly straightforward tang buckle, detailed in matching rose-gold hardware. Up close, wearers will notice that the bands have been decorated with a repeating ‘KITH’ box print; and are easily interchangeable thanks to their quick-release construction.

Given the pricepoint, it’s important to point out that this release isn’t made using a solid rose gold construction. In fact, the base layer for the new GM6900’s case is fashioned from stainless steel — which has then been ion-plated in order to resemble rose gold. That is (in this editor’s opinion) a happy compromise: at its core, the G-Shock is a latter day tool watch, and the use of gold plating ensures this iteration remains faithful to the original’s spirit whilst cashing in on Kith’s much-hyped branding.

Unsurprisingly, Kith’s online store sold through its allocation mere minutes after being posted on Monday, but dogged collectors still have a shot at picking this up at select G-Shock retailers. (You can find a full list of G-Shock flagships in Hong Kong here.)

The Kith x G-Shock 6900 is now available online and at select Casio retailers, priced at HK$3,050. To learn more, visit Kith online.

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