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New watch alert: the Vacheron Constantin Overseas QP, now on a solid gold bracelet

Ah yes, that timeless fusion of ultra-thin movement, the ‘Overseas’ blue dial and a solid gold bracelet — for when you absolutely must flex-bomb every single person in the room.

Like so many of its fellow exhibitors at Watches & Wonders 2020, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, this year Vacheron Constantin opted to parse out a few key additions to existent collections: from several new brown-toned models in the FiftySix collection all the way through to a unique grand complication dubbed the ‘Ode to Music’.

Yet with one or two notable exceptions — enthusiasts definitely know which pieces I’m talking about — the release that drew the most interest from the broadest audience happened to be from 2019 — the pink gold Overseas Perpetual Calendar (‘QP’) ultra-thin, on a lacquered blue dial. Originally, that watch was only available with a combination of leather and rubber straps (we reviewed its tourbillon-sporting cousin in steel here) but now, in a fit of Thanos-like rebalancing, Vacheron is making it available with a matching bracelet. Needless to say, the effect of a lacquered blue dial shimmering astride warm pink gold is enough to make even the most seasoned watch collector sweat, as you can see in the press shots below.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas QP
The ability to alternate between rubber, leather and now a full bracelet in 18k 5N pink gold gives the ultra-thin Overseas QP serious versatility.

As is now gradually becoming par for the course at Vacheron, collectors will take delivery of this release with a solid 18k pink gold bracelet, on top of the previously available blue rubber and alligator straps. In conjunction with the quick-change system, this gives the new gold Overseas QP really solid versatility, and will reward wear alongside a variety of sporty, formal or casual outfits.

Obviously, it goes without saying that at Vacheron’s customary six-figures (and up) price point, you’re getting a movement which goes far beyond the basic function of time-telling. The calibre powering this release is a modification of the meticulously made VC1120; beating at 19,800 vph and exuding all of the traditional Latin hand-finishing one should expect from a movement bearing the Hallmark of Geneva.

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Perpetual Calendar Ultra-thin with blue dial and 18K 5N pink gold bracelet is available for HK$720,000. To learn more, visit Vacheron Constantin online.

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