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Volkswagen launches ID.Buzz in North America — finally

Last Friday, Huntington Beach, California, probably saw more of the iconic classic VW buses than it had during the model’s heyday in the 60s and 70s. The gathering brought hundreds of these classic buses, fans, hobbyists, and media together for the North American launch of the Volkswagen ID.Buzz, the new, all-electric version of the classic VW from the German automaker coming out in 2024.

In addition to the launch, the gathering also marked the announcement for 2 June to officially become “International Volkswagen Bus Day.” What other car would get its own international dedication? So far, the VW bus will be joining Model T Day (1 October) and the National Day of Motoring (24 July).

Compared to the models of days gone by, the ID.Buzz will have more than ten times the horsepower of the early models: a version with a rear-mounted motor will have 282 horsepower, and a dual-motor version with 330 horsepower will also be available.

Volkswagen has yet to reveal the ID.Buzz’s driving range, but it is expected to be approximately 418 km per charge on a standard 86.0-kWh battery pack. The automaker claims that plugging into a DC fast-charger will charge from 10 to 80-percent in a scant 30 minutes. In comparison, a Tesla plugged into a Level 3 Supercharger takes 40 minutes to charge to 80-percent. That’s fast!

As for the interior, the ID.Buzz can seat seven comfortably in its large, modular interior. Rear-seat passengers have access to fold-out tables from the chairs in front, and the centre console between the two front seats is removable. The front seats feature massagers, making driving less of a chore during those long road trips. Customisable ambient lighting and a fully connected, 12.9 inch touchscreen in addition to a 10 inch digital gauge display take the funky roots of the ID.Buzz back to the future.



Volkswagen launches ID.Buzz in North America — finally

Vanessa Lee

Managing Editor

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