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Which is the most expensive Bugatti bicycle?

If you thought the breathtaking Bugatti Chiron was the ultimate epitome of luxury, wait till you see the PG Bugatti cycle. Oh, and it’s going to cost you a fortune, in case you had a doubt. Let’s find out more.

The PG Bugatti Bike was a limited edition bicycle by the French supercar brand, in association with the German luxury bike manufacturer PG. Unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2017, this bike was inspired by the Chiron and its magnificent 1,500 horsepower engine. The Bugatti cycle was created to match the style and charisma of the Chiron. But, can you make any guesses about the Bugatti cycle price? And why is it so expensive?

Most expensive PG Bugatti cycle price and more

What was the Bugatti cycle price?

With a price tag of USD 39,000 for retail, the PG Bugatti cycle was an ideal match to its supercar counterpart.

What makes the PG Bugatti cycle so expensive?

Yes, it’s the brand value of the prestigious and luxury brand tags. But the cycle itself is a work of art, and science and technology as well. This limited edition bike of only 667 units was made using high-end material and manufacturing techniques that are used in the most top-notch sports automobiles, in NASA and in aeronautic giants.

The cycle was made from 95 percent high-strength carbon fibre, which made it weigh less than five kilos, making it one of the world’s lightest bikes. Even the other parts- the seats, handles and everything else was made from the same lightweight carbon fibre.

According to Men’s Journal and TopSpeed, the bike features a fixed-gear belt drive, a vertical shock-absorbing bar, and a plush leather seat. This is a single seat, single-speed, single wheel brake, belt-driven cycle also has the exclusivity factor in it, which contributes to its price. The carbon frame of the PG Bugatti cycle is made by the same workers who manufacture Formula One cars. So, you know, this is a two-wheeler that’s made using the best of the best.


Bugatti cycle

The only downside? It was not designed for public roads.

But a cycle like this is not meant for the roads anyway, right? Imagine being splashed with mud water in the monsoons, or falling in a pothole.

All Images: Courtesy bugatti/Instagram

Which is the most expensive Bugatti bicycle?

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