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Has someone hidden you from their Instagram story? Here’s how to find out!

The virtual stalking game has reached newer heights, courtesy of Instagram stories! Ever since Instagram launched its ‘Stories’ feature in 2016, keeping abreast with people’s travel escapades, Saturday night plans or even late-night musings is all the more easier. But what happens when the person you’re constantly gazing at on Instagram suddenly stops updating their feed? What if the tell-tale sunset loop around their profile picture stops appearing on your feed, when in fact, it’s very well visible to all your friends? If that’s the case, we hate to break it to you, but someone’s hidden their IG stories from you!

Instagram holds its users’ privacy in high regard, giving everyone an option to hide their Instagram story from a certain set of people. While there’s always a possibility of a technical glitch, take it from us that you’ve been hidden for good. If you’re brimming with curiosity, here are a few workarounds to be sure if someone has removed you from their IG Stories.

How to tell if you’ve been hidden from someone’s Instagram story?

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Ask a mutual follower

If the user has a private account, it limits your options of knowing whether you’ve been hidden or not. So the best bet in such a situation is to contact a friend who follows the account in question and ask them to alert you in case the user posts any story. Once you’ve been alerted, head to their Instagram and see if the coloured story ring is visible or not. If not, you know the answer!

Check their Instagram highlights

If you’re hidden from someone’s Instagram story, it’s likely that you’ll be hidden from that particular story highlight as well. Even if they put the hidden story as a highlight 24 hours later, you still won’t be able to access it. Corroborate their highlights with a friend who’s also on this user’s list and if they can view a particular story you can’t, then take your cue!

Please note: If someone’s highlights suddenly vanish from their profile, it could also be that they’ve removed it rather than hiding you.

Use a third-party app

Third-party apps claim to help you view someone’s Instagram story anonymously, saving you the hassle of creating another Instagram account, installing any software or even logging into the platform. However, we recommend you don’t use them until and unless you’re too desperate! Why? Because these apps often violate Instagram’s policies, might compromise your personal information or expose you to malware. Your account can be suspended or permanently banned in such a scenario.

We hope this guide helps you navigate this Instagram story dilemma!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  •  Why can’t I see someone’s Instagram story?

If the user has hidden you from their Instagram story or blocked you, then their stories won’t show up on your feed.

Has someone hidden you from their Instagram story? Here’s how to find out!

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