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We’ve been using the iPhone 15 for a few days. Here’s our first impression.

As the iPhone 15 finally releases here in Thailand, we talk about our first impression after using Apple’s new phone for the past few days.

The iPhone 15 is finally here. Announced last week in Apple’s “Wanderlust” keynote, the iPhone 15 was immediately available for pre-orders the day after and is being widely released today, the same day as the US… Well, technically the same day but we actually have it earlier. I’ve been able to use the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro for the past few days to get a really hands-on experience. While I haven’t had it for long enough to justify a full-on review (that’s coming next week), here are some of my first impression of the iPhone 15 after a few days of having it.

Our first impression of the iPhone 15

The Pro lineup is really light

Image credit: Apple

The “Wanderlust” keynote mentioned that because the Pro lineup utilises titanium, it was going to feel lighter, so I was fully expecting this. But I wasn’t expecting it to be this light. It’s considerably less hefty than the 14 Pro lineup and because of its new design, also feels like it sits even smaller in your hand. The base iPhone 15, however, is pretty similar in weight to its predecessor.

Rounded edges and (slightly) smaller bezels

Image credit: Apple

The iPhone 15 has a rounded edge across its whole lineup, deviating from the 14’s sharp drop-off in its edges. It’s a small change but actually quite noticeable, giving the 15 a nice curve. On the Pro, the bezels are also slightly smaller than last year’s Pro lineup, though I was really hoping for a little more screen real estate than what we got. 

Bye bye, mute toggle

Image credit: Apple

When they revealed that the mute toggle on the side was going to be replaced with a button, I was actually a little sad. Maybe it’s because I have a problem of letting things in the past go but that’s a problem for my therapist. But after using it after a few days, I realised just how easier it was to just press a button instead of having to push or pull a toggle. 

USB-C… finally!

Image credit: Apple

The biggest advantage of USB-C that you’ll immediately realise and appreciate is that you no longer have to carry extra wires in your bag anymore. Just a few days ago, I realised my iPad was out of juice before going to work, and I was glad I only had to take one charger with me instead of having to bring one USB-C and one Lightning. Charging on the Pro does seem to be a tad faster, though the base iPhone 15 only comes with USB 2 speeds instead of the Pro’s USB 3 speeds which is… odd.

Speedy… maybe?

Image credit: Apple

The base 15 runs on the same chip the 14 Pro did, the A16 Bionic, while the Pro lineup runs on the A17 Pro. Like they do every year, Apple boasted about this new chip’s speeds and how much faster it was compared to its competitors and its predecessors. It’s not really evident when you’re just using it normally. The chip also powers the process behind the Pro’s photography power so I still have to test that out for myself. The one thing I was really excited about was testing how this chip performs when gaming. Metal Slug Awakening and Genshin Impact all perform beautifully but I don’t think its capabilities will truly be tested until the ports of Resident Evil 4 and Death Stranding are finally available.

The new FineWoven cases are pretty classy

Image credit: Apple

Apple revealed that in an effort to be greener, they won’t be making any more leather products. Instead, they’ve opted for something they’re calling FineWoven accessories made from recycled microtwill. The result is a material that feels like cloth, and aesthetically looks so much better than a silicone or leather case. The darker hue and texture are a nice change and don’t add any weight to the phone, but it’s also a tad slippery at times.

And finally… the base lineup still has the fun colours

Image credit: Apple

Look, I love the natural titanium of the Pro but that’s pretty much the only colour I like. I get that the Pro lineup has better material and is usually sports darker broodier colours. The Pro is the Batman of the iPhones, stuck in a perpetual emo mode. While those shades do give the Pro a classier look like last year’s purple and this year’s natural titanium, the other colours just seem to be a bit bland. However, the base iPhone 15 comes with nice pastel colours that really pop. Design-wise, I know it’s so that you can tell the base 15 and the Pro apart, but I was really hoping for better colours for the Pro. 

We’ve been using the iPhone 15 for a few days. Here’s our first impression.

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