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T. Fotiadis unveils 101-metre “Stardom” concept superyacht

 T. Fotiadis, the Berlin-based design studio, has unveiled its stunning new project, a 101-metre concept yacht titled Stardom.

A collaboration with Ludocon, who supervised the engineering processes and interior design, Stardom strives to provide the “ultimate luxury experience for those fortunate enough to step aboard.”

The vessel’s exterior is rendered in a sophisticated, steely grey, along with marble feature walls and lines of opaque glazing. All four levels include extra-large terrace areas with fixed balconies, where glass partitions allow for uninterrupted sea views when sitting or relaxing. 

As part of T. Fotiadis’ IBO series (Innovative, Buildable, and Original), one of the yacht’s most remarkable assets includes the biggest beach club built on a superyacht, along with a spacious deck area, loungers, and direct access to the ocean. A large, relaxing lounge at the heart of Stardom also doubles as a dance floor.

Stardom’s interiors are modelled with a contemporary look, combining sinuous curves with sleek edges. A palette of neutrals dominate the design, occasionally accented with hints of yellow and olive. Integrated overhead lighting systems cast a soft glow in the evening.

Other highlights include several outdoor areas, a plunge pool, a lateral-opening tender garage and a helipad on the top deck. “We are thrilled to introduce Stardom to the world,” said Theodoros Fotiadis, the head designer and managing director of T. Fotiadis Design. “With its unique general arrangements, innovative features and luxurious amenities, this superyacht offers an unparalleled level of comfort, style and entertainment.”

“It is a vessel that brings people together, creating lasting memories and fostering meaningful connections,” he added.

Stardom is the second among the design studio’s four concepts for their IBO series, with two others set to be released later in 2023. Truly a sight for sore eyes, renders of the magnificent yacht are available for your viewing pleasure down below.

(Images: T. Fotiadis)

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