Hong Kong has no shortage of beaches where you can have fun in the sun, but they can’t compare to some of the weird and wonderful stretches of sand found around the globe: Once you’ve cast your eyes on nature’s miraculous marvels, you may never look at Repulse Bay quite the same way again.

For example, there’s an incredible array of pink-sand beaches dotting the globe, any of which is guaranteed to fetter any Instagram-addict’s passion for pastel pink (these pinkish-white beaches take their hue from the crushed up coral remnants that make up the surf). Perhaps it’s the magnificent rock arches that make up Spain’s Beach of the Cathedrals that will truly impress your wanderlusting soul, or the coasts along the Pepto-Bismol coloured lakes in Las Coloradas in Mexico, or the hot geothermal beach in New Zealand that make a worthwhile trek for a spa day and plenty more.

If you’re looking for an inspiring change of scenery with something picturesque to anchor your next vacation, look no further than these unique and unusual beaches around the world. Be sure to click the caption to find out where they are!