At least once a year, Andrea Oschetti finds himself soaking in the view from Table Mountain, driving along Chapman’s Peak and marvelling at Cape Town’s natural beauty and unbeatable easy-going vibes. Cape Town is his gateway to the safaris of South Africa and, as he puts it, “a city that improves with every visit” — the telltale sign of a worthy travel destination.

Oschetti is chief travel designer and CEO of Blueflower, a Hong Kong travel company that offers life-enriching journeys curated by a collective of seasoned travellers. His themed private kitchen dinners at the Blueflower Travel Salon garner high anticipation every month, where guests can enjoy a gourmet meal prepared by Oschetti himself while listening to TED-style talks, taking part in workshops, and sharing practical travel knowledge from photography tips to learning about different cultures.

While Blueflower is technically registered as a travel agency, Oschetti thinks the label doesn’t quite fit. Blueflower offers bespoke trips tailored to the individual client, with the aim of creating intimate experiences that allow the traveller to explore a destination in a deeper and more fulfilling way. In other words, trips that “aren’t just about the bucket list or about following what the guide says,” Oschetti explains.

With this in mind, Oschetti is a natural go-to expert for consulting on travel tips to Cape Town. Oschetti has experienced the city in its constant evolution and reinvention: a place where brave chefs try out their hand at innovative cuisine; where the street art matches prestigious gallery collections; and still, a city that manages to keep its essence intact. According to Oschetti, that’s because the city’s people are among the most open, enthusiastic and laid-back personalities one could wish to find. It’s thanks to them that Cape Town always keeps something new in store: anything goes!

Back in Hong Kong for a few days, we asked Oschetti to share venues and experiences he usually reserves for Blueflower travellers, to give us an authentic taste of the city. His picks range from fine dining to graffiti walks, and are the ultimate guide for how to dive deep below the surface level of Cape Town.