Impossibly blue waters. Clean, sandy beaches. The iconic stark white buildings made out of volcanic material. All these are the makings of gorgeous Greek islands that you should definitely try to visit this year. If Santorini is already on your list, you might either want to scrap that out or add one of these islands to your itinerary, because there are more to Greek islands than just Santorini.

You’re probably overly familiar with the sights of Santorini constantly flooding your social media feed. The picturesque town is beautiful, and everyone wants to experience it. That’s why you need to walk the path less travelled and try other equally-beautiful Greek islands.

There is also a no better time to be a tourist in Greece than now. The country is, unfortunately, currently in an economic crisis. This means that the currency is low, and tourists’ spending power will be higher. All the more reason for you to splash out on this exotic European trip.

Even without the crisis, Greece is still a wonderful place to spend your holidays in. In the Greek islands, the Mediterranean weather is pleasant with long, hot and dry summers and mild winters. If you worry about it getting too hot at this time of the year, don’t — the islands are usually visited by the cooling “Meltemi” winds, which are sea breezes that blow from the north and northwest.

But first, you need some destination ideas within Greece. These Greek islands will keep you company with their lush beauty and Insta-worthy views. Don’t believe us? See for yourself: