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Best hiking trails in Hong Kong with picture-perfect views

A walk en plein air is a pleasant way to break out from the mundane, but what if the walk is the getaway? Sure, you would want to spend a relaxing sunny day lounging by the pool with an ice-cold margarita in hand, but sometimes you want to put on your sturdiest boots and hit a hiking trail while praying you don’t meet a fox. 

Only a few things can feel as liberating as a trek along a gorgeous trail featuring some of the best sights our planet has to offer. To experience the true soul of a place, you’ve to stretch your legs and press your palms against the trunk of a thousand-year-old tree. Moreover, there’s no better way to experience nature than hiking through the countryside and wilderness. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to traverse too far, as some of the most beautiful hiking trails are here in Hong Kong. So whether you’re looking for a picturesque forest or a path full of glittering beaches, there is something for everyone in Hong Kong. Some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Hong Kong take you through the wildest scenery and quaintest villages and give you access to spots of the city you never thought possible. So no matter which trail ends up on your wish list, you will find plenty of adventure and a breath of fresh air. 

So, if you are looking for calming landscapes and hidden gems that make for a genuinely perfect Instagram photo op, these hiking trails in Hong Kong are for you! These aren’t just the headline trails of Hong Kong, but the trails that in-the-know hikers beeline to! Time to lace up your boots to get up close with nature

(Hero image credits: Hon Min Tse/Flickr)

These are the best hiking trails in Hong Kong

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Dragon's Back Trail

There’s no better place to soak up the scenic majesty of Hong Kong than on the Dragon’s Back trail. The scenic route is perfect for both beginners as well as experienced hikers. The view from the edge will make your jaw drop quite literally. Post the hike, you could paraglide from the Shek O Peak if you want some adrenaline rush.

Image credits: Wikimedia commons

Hong Kong, Shek O, Dragon's Back
Hiking duration
Approximately 2 hours with stops

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Po Toi Trail

Po Poi Trail is one of the most scenic trails in Hong Kong. This three-hour-long hike passes through a wonderland of rocky coastlines and boasts of galore rock formations. For some extra adventure, you can also park yourself in a tent on the island instead of walking your way back to the city.

Image credits: rawpixel.com

South-east Island District, Hong Kong
Hiking duration
3 hours, approximately

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Sunset Peak

Sunset Peak has a surprise at almost every turn with lush green carpets of grass. During the hike, you can spot the ridges dotted with stone huts that were constructed for the missionaries as a holiday retreat between WW1 and WW2. What’s more, when you reach the summit, you will be mesmerised by the enchanting sunset view.

Image credits: Wikimedia commons

Sunset Peak, Lantau Island
Hiking duration
5 hours, approximately

4 /7

Lamma Island

Lamma Island offers views of picturesque landscapes along the route. Crane your neck to glean the best views of the Hong Kong beeches. The Kamikaze Cave close to the Tin Hau Temple is one of the best attractions on this trail.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Lamma Island, Ling Kok Shan, Hong Kong
Hiking duration
Approximately 4 hours with stops

5 /7

Plover Cove Country Peak

The Plover Cove hiking trail takes you through incredible sea-scape, lush rolling hills and gorgeous scenery. Take this scenic trek for the majestic hollow maple tree and the lush paddy fields swaying in the breeze. Gently rippling waterfalls and rocky terrains are all on the menu.

Image credits: Brand Hong Kong/Facebook

Bride's Pool Rd, Shuen Wan, Hong Kong
Hiking duration
6 hours, approximately

6 /7

Sharp Peak

Sharp Peak is one of the most challenging hikes in Hong Kong. The winding routes challenge hikers with sharp contours. You can get to the summit from three sides: the North Ridge, East Ridge and South Ridge. Do note that the North Ridge is the most challenging route to get to the summit, so if you are a beginner, the South Ridge would be the best bet for you.

Image source: Wikimedia commons

Sharp Island, Sai Kung District
Hiking duration
2 hours, approximately

7 /7

Cape D'Aguilar

The Cape D’Aguilar trail, also popularly known as Hok Soi trail, welcomes you with unparalleled ocean views interspersed with islands. The hike feels like navigating through a maze created by mother nature. Also, make a pit stop at the Cape D’Aguilar Lighthouse, one of Hong Kong’s most significant cultural monuments.

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

Hiking duration
3 to six hours depending on detours

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What do the Hong Kong hiking trails offer?

Answer: Some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Hong Kong take you through the wildest scenery and quaintest villages and give you access to spots of the city you never thought possible.

Question: Which is the most picturesque hiking trail in Hong Kong?

Answer: The Cape D'Aguilar trail, also popularly known as Hok Soi trail, is the most scenic hiking trail in Hong Kong with unparalleled ocean views.

Best hiking trails in Hong Kong with picture-perfect views

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