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Want to see the midnight sun? Head to these destinations around the world

The Earth is filled with many unique offerings. There are some places in the world where the sun never sets, for a good part of the year. So, in case you want to witness the midnight sun, book your tickets to these destinations! 

There’s plenty to explore around the globe. Be it volcanoes and tall mountains or pristine sandy beaches, there’s enough of the bountiful nature – at times in the same country – for travellers to wander through. But, it’s the unique experiences these places have to offer, which make travelling all the more special. One such experience is watching the midnight sun.

What is the midnight sun?

The Earth rotates on its axis, which creates a rough 12-hour demarcation between day and night. The timeframes vary from season to season, summers usually having longer days and winters, longer nights. However, some destinations, which are located closer to the poles, experience daylight for months at a stretch – 24×7. These are places which receive the midnight sun. The phenomenon means that the sun goes down, but not enough to be below the horizon. The natural phenomenon means that there’s daylight for days at a stretch, and going out at any time is possible, since there’s sunlight (whether harsh or soft) all around.

Where to see the midnight sun

Faroe Islands, Denmark

midnight sun
Image: Courtesy of Rogério Toledo/Unsplash

Faroe Islands in Denmark is one of those destinations where the sun almost never sets. The beautiful Nordic islands offer some beautiful views of the midnight sun during the summers, thanks to their location being closer to the Arctic Circle, making for a truly visual treat.

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Reykjavik and Grimsey Island, Iceland

midnight sun
Image: Courtesy of Yanshu Lee/Unsplash

Europe’s largest island after Great Britain, Iceland has some stunning views to offer. One of these is the night time sun! In the summer, the island nation boasts clear skies. This makes viewing the sun easier at night, especially in June, when the sun never really sets. You can witness this phenomenon in several destinations, including Grimsey Island and Reykjavik.

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Svalbard, Norway

midnight sun
Image: Courtesy of Lloyd Woodham/Unsplash

Norway is also called the Land of the Midnight Sun. The small Nordic country sees continuous sunshine from May till late July. You can witness the same in places across the country, especially Svalbard. This is not all – during some winter months, the country received no sunlight at all, no matter the time of the day.

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Helsinki, Finland

midnight sun
Image: Courtesy of Tapio Haaja/Unsplash

Finland is known for its Northern Lights, which make for a bulk of its tourism. But the country, known for its lakes and islands, is also a great place to visit during the summers. The season offers views of the midnight sun for over 70 days straight! In the winter, the place experiences little to no sunlight.

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Yukon and Nunavut, Canada

Image: Courtesy of Kalen Emsley/Unsplash

Nunavut is located close to the Arctic Circle. Thus, it’s no wonder that the destination sees two months of sunlight. The destination also sees about a month of constant darkness. Yukon in Canada is another destination where you can witness the midnight sun.

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The Alaska Railroad, Alaska

Image: Courtesy of Jan Kronies/Unsplash

Alaska is a true dreamland. No wonder people dream of visiting this stunning destination. And among the things that make it so special is its midnight sun, which you can see from many places, including the popular Alaska Railroad.

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St Petersburg, Russia

midnight sun
Image: Courtesy of Hu Chen/Unsplash

Russia is a huge country, the largest in the world. No wonder, then, that a part of it lies so close to the Arctic Circle that you can see the midnight sun here! The destination is a must-visit in the summers, where nights have the sun visible amid a serene skyline that illuminates the city in a warm, comforting glow.

Nuuk, Greenland

midnight sunq
Image: Courtesy of Aningaaq Rosing Carlsen/Unsplash

Unlike its name, Greenland is actually quite cold. It is known for its glaciers and ice. What’s more, its closeness to the North Pole makes it a popular destination to go and witness the night sun, especially during peak summers.

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Abisko, Sweden

Image: Courtesy of Dylan Shaw/Unsplash

Sweden is yet another nation popular for seeing the Northern Lights. During the summers, you will also experience 24-hour sunlight periods here, making it a top destination to witness the night sun.

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Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy of Yanshu Lee/Unsplash

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Want to see the midnight sun? Head to these destinations around the world

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