If you think the best thing about staying in a private pool villa isn’t going for a swim in your delicately tailored birthday suit, you’re kidding yourself.

Hanging stress up in the walk-in closet alongside your unnecessary swimming trunks, a private villa presents a form of luxury unlike any other. Think: the exclusivity of a unique location, the privacy of your own company, and the personalisation of tailored meal plans, activities, and always having first call on the best sun-bed. Private villas are transforming the way we travel, and what we seek when we travel. In Thailand, there’s also a hot haven for them at the moment, and it’s Koh Samui.

Where Phuket once reigned supreme as the ultimate island getaway with its many high end hotels and fine dining options, the many private villas on Koh Samui are coming in as close competition. Offering bespoke five star services in a home away from home, more travellers are flocking to the island for an experience that goes beyond a four-walled hotel room. And with the beach on your doorstep and a private chef cooking those eggs you like by the kitchen bar, it’s not difficult to see why.

Whether you’re looking for some inspiration for your next weekend getaway, or are simply dreaming thereof from your smartphone in a boardroom meeting, we’ve put together some of the best private villas on Koh Samui at the moment. Divided into villas within resorts and villas on private properties, do brace yourself: the wanderlust will be real.

Hero image credit: RAKU