Located off Thailand’s western coast, Phuket has long been known for its family-friendly resorts and vibrant (albeit salacious) nightlife. The Thai city has never struggled to attract international budget travellers — especially backpackers from Britain, North America, and in more recent years, Russia and China — but in the wake of a series of tsunamis (in 2004), the island has been making a lateral move towards more directed, stylish hospitality experiences.

Away from the chintzy neon of beaches like Patong (a complex notorious for its cheap buffets and girlie bars), international and local hoteliers are committing to considered development of Phuket’s lesser known oases: cliffside hotels dot the island’s once-sleepy southeastern coastline; while a handful of villas, high in the northern mountain ranges, yield views of the Andaman Sea that will blow any full moon party out of the water.

For those in search of a fresh new island getaway, here are 10 of the best hotels to stay at in Phuket — tourist traps not included.

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